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Installing solar panels on a rooftop is a massive project that requires much time, much money and much work.


SolarGaps is a company based in Kiev, Ukraine, and San Francisco, California. Their unique product, SolarGaps, is solar paneled window blinds. They are undoubtedly perfect for the tropic regions where the sun shines nonstop all year round. SolarGaps work as a shade as well (after all they are blinds), which means less AC, less expensive electricity bills.


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Panels can be adjusted so they will automatically roll down in the night, or open up in the morning. They also automatically adjust to face the sun for more efficient electricity generation.

Small blinds start from c. $400 and go up to around $2000 for the windows bigger than 2 meters. The average price for installing solar panels on a rooftop is approximately $30,000. Depending on which country you live and under what conditions you buy the solar panels, you’d also end up with a mortgage. SolarGaps are 100 times less expensive, doesn’t involve difficult contracts and paperwork, and are easily installable.

As for its durability, since it’s made of aluminum for outdoor use, the heatproof temperature is from -40 to + 80 degrees Celsius (-40 to 176 F). Many of the SolarGaps’ components have individual warranty lives: their motor has a 5-year warranty, and their solar panels have a 20-year warranty from the manufacturer. Also, SolarGaps also offers a complete 1-year workmanship warranty.

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Generated electricity can be either consumed, stored or sold. Through SolarGaps indoor dock, anyone can charge anything anytime using the generated electricity. By storing the electricity, you can save up money on electricity bills, or use it in case of emergency. Of course, you are free to sell it to an electric power company. The amount of electricity generated by SolarGaps is 300kWh per year on average. That’s the equivalent of one-month electricity use for a family. It’s not much but consider it as an investment. It will take around 5 years to earn SolarGaps back. Theoretically, it will also assure you one free electricity month per year. If you live alone, it will take you around 8 years to earn back but will assure you of three free electricity months.

At the moment, you can order a custom sized SolarGaps at the official webpage. Choose your color from white, silver and black to fit the decor of the house or the office.

In the Pursuit of a Smart House


This is Yevgen Erik, founder of SolarGaps. Originally he used to work in a construction industry installing blinds and building smart houses. SolarGaps took him 2 years to manufacture during which time he even spend all day in a sunflower field just to observe and research how sunflowers follow the sun.

SolarGaps are sold in 13 countries at the moment, and they are growing strong. Their objective is to find a distributor in every country in the world. Let the sunshine in with SolarGaps!

SolarGaps Official Website

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