Volunteer Writers Wanted!


On The Millennials™️, we are looking for Volunteer Writers who are willing to write, write and just write some more.

The Millennials™️ is a lifestyle, online media aimed to deliver information mainly to the millennial generation. (Not only!) We focus on healthy diets, organic materials, advocating sustainable lifestyle and overall making a society a better place, but we also tackle socioeconomic problems and occasionally write lighthearted stories as well.



veganism, vegetarianism, GMO food, organic food, organic living, sustainability, sustainable lifestyle, eco-friendly materials, environmental conservation


unpaid, volunteer position
future promotion to a full-time writer is possible, but as of fall 2018, TM is not hiring for any paid positions


no deadlines, no monthly quotas or required amount of posts set
VW will write contents according to a monthly topics list that will be sent in the beginning of each month


self-promotion is NOT allowed

how to apply:

write “VW Inquiry” on the title, attach your brief history or CV as pdf and email to


we’ll get back to you shortly


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