【Fresh】If You Hate Those Nasty Veggies, Try This【Friday】


As the title says, if you hate those disgusting, tasteless vegetables, just try this and once and for all, you will overcome it.

・Have Plain, Simple Salad/Salad Bowl.


Have Salad, but supermarket premade salads are NO-NO. Why? Because they have so many additives and preservatives. Do your own research on how they are made. Continuous intake of the premade cabbage shreds and salads with dressings that do not contain any natural ingredients will do you worse than not eating vegetables at all. If you like cooking, but, for example, on hot summer days don’t want to be standing in the kitchen for hours, I suggest you make a salad bowl. Salad bowls are new salads. Mason jar salads are also easy and cute and can be taken with you outside.

If you hate the taste of vegetables, try having fun with different dressings.

・Boil, steam, sauté, roast – No Raw Methods

If you hate “raw” vegetables, then just do something with them and eat cooked vegetables. Veggie soup, roasted corns and kale chips, sautéed mushrooms and such will surely change your mind about vegetables. If it’s a salad you’re making, there is a limit of vegetables you can use. But unlike salad, here you can use any kind of vegetables to cook.

・Veggie Sticks and Dips

Kind of the same as the salad method, but you can turn your veggies into vegetable dips! Usually, carrots, cucumber, radish, and celery are good for dips, and dips themselves can also be varied, e.g., miso dip, hummus, mayo and so on. Boiled cauliflowers and broccoli can also be used as veggie dips.


Usually good for diet because marinated vegetables are full of minerals. The vinegar is famous for having an anti-aging effect, so all the more reason to have marinated vegetables. Not everyone likes marinated stuff, so I’m not going to strongly suggest this method for overcoming your hatred towards vegetables, but worth a try. Include in your daily meal.

・Juices/ Smoothies

Do not buy veggie juices, because they are packed with sugar/salt/preservatives. The amount of sugar and salt that juices in the supermarkets have is insane. Cold pressed juice is good, smoothies are also refreshing and healthy when it’s hot outside. In some vegetables, nutrients and fibers and enzymes get altered by the juicing, but if you have time in the morning, making a veggie juice and starting your day fresh is not a bad idea at all.

Have a healthy day, Millennials!


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