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Over the past few years, I’d say starting from 2013, the vegan lifestyle, all of a sudden, got really popular around the world, especially in the US. Of course, I’m sure it existed way before 2013 but maybe with a different name. In this article, let’s dig deep into the vegan and vegetarian lifestyles.

The significant difference between these two is the difference in what kind of food you consume, and how far you apply it in your daily life.


Vegetarians: are people who have a plant-based diet because of health, moral, and religious reasons. In short, they don’t eat meat, fish or dairy because, naturally, those come from animals.

Vegans: are people who have a lifestyle of not consuming and using animal products; ok, so actually, not much of a difference.

As stated, the former is a diet. The latter is a lifestyle. Both have different variations, e.g., vegetarians can wear fur and leather, or can exclude only red meat from their diet and include fish and dairy.

Now, what the Vegetarian Society in the UK, International Vegetarian Union and the Japanese Vegetarian Society defines as vegetarians are “people who have a plant-based diet but consume eggs and dairy.”

So I think we can conclude that the definition of vegetarianism is slightly loose.  Also, there are countries and regions where it is very difficult to live a life as a vegetarian or vegan because of harsh weather (Can’t live without wool or fur) or only because in some countries it’s hard to get vegan products (You cannot live only on vegetables, pretty obvious.)

Now, veganism alone is a whole different story. Vegans, do not consume animal products including even eggs and honey and do not buy fur, leather or silk or other animal products. There may be vegans who do not care much about clothes items, but I have yet to see those kinds of vegans.

There is also a falsely similar way of living called “macrobiotics.” The difference between it and veganism is that it includes the way of thinking – mindset – into your diet. Diet in macrobiotics is plant-based, but with a Yin and Yang theory.

If you search on the Internet about a healthy way of living, you can find tons of information, but what I suggest is to start slowly as a vegetarian. The best diet is the one your body appreciates, the one that fits you. Experiment with various foods and then find the one that is good for you.

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Have a healthy day, Millennials.


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