【Fresh】The Proper Way to Eat Vegetables (Permanent Edition)【Friday】

In this article, I shared how there are a lot of ways to eat vegetables even if you can’t stand the sight of them.
Here, I want to share the proper way of eating them so you can benefit from them as much as possible.

How to eat veggies? Just put them into your mouth and chew them!
Ok, I’m kidding. On average it is recommended to eat around 350-400 grams of vegetables per day. This number differs for each country, but the average is as stated.
On eating vegetables, you might want to be careful when…
→Eating too much of raw, cold vegetables because it may cool down your body
One day when I was eating only salads, suddenly, I’ve got a bad stomach. I googled a bit about eating raw veggies and here is what the Internet said.
Anti-raw veggies
-It’s bad because it will lead to a bad blood circulation
-May cause menstrual pains and poor metabolism in both men and women
-May cause allergies because of malnutrition
-May cause constipation and bad digestions
-May have difficulties absorbing fat-soluble vitamins
Pro-raw veggies
-Some vitamins may be lost when cooked so are better eaten raw.
-Having a bad stomach is temporary due to eating cold veggies
-May relieve constipation due to fibers and enzymes
Now, let’s analyze these comments one by one. About the cooling down part. A lot of people were saying that the juice in the vegetables will cool down your body and or make for potassium’s diuretic effect (making you want to pee more) is the cause of your body cooling down. The opposition to these comments was, to eat vegetables along with other food (duh), and to eat winter root veggies compared to summer veggies that contain more water. As for the nutrition part, my opinion is you won’t get malnourished if you eat your veggies with other ingredients! The malnourishment is because you are literally eating only vegetables for your breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner, or you live only on salads. Of course, you’ll be malnourished!
As for the fibers, there are water-soluble and non-soluble fibers. Water-soluble fibers will dilute in water and relieve constipation. Non-soluble fibers get attached to water molecules, swell your belly and encourage the peristaltic movement. (The movement that your stomach does to push the digested food) So, if you take only non-soluble fibers, you will get constipated. Thus it leads to the comments from the anti-raw veggie supporters. To prevent constipation, you have to take non-soluble and soluble fibers together. If you google the amount of soluble and non-soluble fibers in veggies, you would notice that most of the vegetables contain both of them, but in general tend to have more non-soluble fibers. Eat your veggies with other foods!
To conclude, eating too many raw veggies may cause bad health.
→Some veggies should be eaten with oils
Vitamins A/E/D/K are soluble to oils rather than to water. If you are eating pumpkin, carrots, cabbage, tomato, spinach, then sauté them in a good oil. Olive oil, grape-seed oil, any-seed oil is good.
→Light-colored veggies should not be overcooked or cooked at all
Light-colored veggies are cucumber, celery, white radish and even onion. The reason is that vitamin C is easily lost due to the heat. However, even if you took too much vitamin C, most of it will be gone in your pee. Onions are best eaten raw because of their special component called «Sulfide propyl». Scary name, but it does amazing things to your blood like it will clean it. If cooked, it will turn into a different component that does basically the same thing, but the amount will be reduced compared to when eaten raw.
→Eat the seasonal veggies
There is a reason some veggies are only seasonal. (Not anymore in our materialistic, overproducing society) Seasonal veggies are more nutritious than the non-seasonal ones. In addition, seasonal veggies are stronger than non-seasonal veggies against bugs and other plant sicknesses, which makes them easier to grow. Thus, during winter time, eat potatoes and pumpkins rather than lettuce.
→ Do not eat the same colored veggies only.
If you want to eat just asparagus for the rest of your life, please feel free to do that. I don’t judge. But, eating only tomatoes every day, or eating only carrots every day is not healthy! You’re not a bunny, for God’s sake. You can find a lot of diet programs that focus on eating one veggie only. That is bullshit. Don’t follow that diet. Nutrients, inside the body, work not just alone but mainly by combining with other nutrients.

If there are other interesting ways to eat veggies, I’ll share them here. Stay healthy, Millennials.

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