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I had had never heard of a term “Pescetarian” in my life before, until, one day, one of my friends mentioned to have been one for a while. I was like “what the fuck is that”. So I Googled. Pescetarianism is a way of diet where one is a fish-eating vegetarian. That is put simply. Those types of people are also referred to as being semi-vegetarian. Hm, interesting. Nowadays we have labels for literally anything.

“Pace” derives to Latin “piscis” that means fish. By the way, you might be interested as to what an Italian word “Pescatore” means. It means a “fisherman”. See? Pesce– is related to all things fishy.


The reason people pursue pescetarianism varies. Some, as the pre-vegan training, some for health reasons, and some because they believe fish don’t feel pain. Among pescetarians, there are people who avoid dairy or eggs too. …Now, this all got very confusing.

Some articles show that DHA in fish helps you improve your cognitive function and IQ. I tried looking up more information on the Internet but couldn’t find much.
If you are a pescetarian, please leave a comment down here and tell me more about why you became one.

On The Millennials™️, we have an article explaining the difference between vegetarianism and veganism.

Appreciate all the food, Millennials


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