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Did you know that the Yin & Yang notion exists in food too? Let’s dive into a deep world of Yin & Yang studies and see what kind of effect the Yin & Yang foods have on our bodies.

Actually Yin & Yang philosophy is deeply connected with a macrobiotic diet. Here on The Millennials, we have an article mentioning a bit about macrobiotic diet.

The Yin & Yang philosophy is a traditional cultural Chinese notion. It’s an Eastern way of thinking and is contrary to the Western philosophy.


As seen from the picture above, Yin & Yang philosophy can be divided into color scheme.

Yin Food will cool down your body, tend to be blue/purple, tend to be spicy or sour. Usually plant-based food and is the food that grows in warm/hot regions.

Yin Veggies: eggplant, tomato, Shiitake mushroom, potato, taro, sweet potato, Chinese yam, garlic, bamboo shoot, corn, spinach, green onion, leafy veggies

Yin Fruits: banana, pineapple, grape, melon, strawberry, watermelon, mandarin, persimmon

Yin Beverages: soy milk, coffee, tea, whiskey, Japanese Sake, beer, water

Yin Seasonings: Wasabi, pepper, spices, honey, olive oil, rapeseed oil, vinegar

Yin Grains and Other Products: white rice, tofu, soybeans, white sesame,

Yang Food will warm up your body, tend to be red/orange, tend to be bitter or salty. Usually animal-based food and is the food that grows in cold regions.

Yang Veggies: pumpkin, carrots, onion, lotus root, burdock, root veggies

Yang Fruits: N/A

Yang Beverages: warm beverages, dandelion coffee

Yang Seasonings: soy sauce, miso

Yang Grains and Other Products: crab, salmon, sardine, red snapper, cheese, meat, processed meat, whale, tuna

There are food products that don’t belong to either of the sides, which are also listed below.

Moderate Food: Cabbage, white radish, apple, flour, brown rice, black sesame, red beans

Asian people and western people have different body shapes and digestive systems. For Asians, vegan diet actually suits better than the diet with animal-products. The popular vegan diet is actually a very Yin diet. According to the Yin & Yang mindset, it’s not good to incline only to either side. We all have to eat both foods equally. Also, it is a good idea to know which type applies to you and eat the opposite type of food. For example, if you are Yin type (Low blood pressure, calm, reserved) then it is better for you to eat the Yang type food and vice versa.

Common foods that are bad for your health are fizzy drinks, cow milk, white sugar, chemical seasonings & additives, and meat.  Also, processed meat, whale, tuna, and refined salt

So how about today you start thinking about your health? 

Have a healthy meal, Millennials.


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