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Here in this article that I posted a little while ago, I made it clear I don’t have any intentions to be a Vegan.

Then, I watched a documentary called “What the Health”. And thought to myself, if they promote Veganism all over the world, why not try it? So here goes the brief report on me going Vegan and what happened to my body.


Nothing noticeable really happened to my body. My physical and mental health didn’t get worse either. I hear many people say “veganism will help you declutter your mind” or “your body will feel refreshed” and blah blah, but my body didn’t react to the vegan style in any capacity at all.

You’ll get used to it…

At first it was hard. Can’t eat what you used to like, you forget you’re vegan…etc.

Then after a month, you get used to being vegan. It is commonly said that it takes 3 months for an average human being to develop a lifestyle. Maybe I’ll be a full blown vegan after 3 months? Who knows.

Veganism is expensive (At least in Japan)

Now, this was one heck of a problem. To sustain a vegan lifestyle was so expensive especially in Japan where everything is imported! To get high quality food is already expensive, but to get high quality vegan food? That’s like 4-5 times more money than buying non-vegan food. At supermarkets you can only buy vegetables, so if you need something special and unusual (like coconut oil or quinoa) you have to specifically find a store that sells those kinds of foods, which can be very far from your home. Also, if you try online, things don’t get to your house immediately and this time gap will be a major pain in your ass. That’s why when you just started your vegan life, collecting all the seasonings and ingredients is really hard.


Can’t eat in restaurants…

Major restaurants in Japan don’t serve vegan menu. That’s why it makes it difficult to eat out of home. This is highly inconvenient especially in cases like where you’re eating with your friends. You’re going to be that one annoying vegan person from memes that is left out eating a salad like a rabbit. Some restaurants have gluten-free menus but I had an experience where the waiter told me the gluten-free menu will not taste good. Jee…It’s not my responsibility to make it taste good….*eye rolls*

You start snacking…

The bad cycle that I noticed is that you start snacking because vegan lunch wasn’t fulling, then you snack, then you snack again because it was merely a snack, then again and again until your next meal. This cycle is bad because you don’t give time to rest your stomach. Yes, I admit that snacks became healthy too, but too much snacking is not good.

About vegan food

Personally, this one was a good change that I noticed: you will start checking labels on foods. Sometimes you find some bizarre stuff in your food that is totally unrelated to the flavor it says it has.

Next: snacking fruits becomes your habit. I actually do not like fruits because of their sugary taste and generally I have never been a big fan of any fruit. Now that I was vegan, I was forced to buy them because there are no healthy snack options other than nuts or fruits. (And nuts sometimes cause digestion problem)

Almond milk was a total shitball that tasted like paint. I’m sorry but this has to go out of my life.

Then soy milk was ok to use in cooking or to put in tea. Not raw. I couldn’t handle the taste of plain soy milk and still can’t.

So my 1-month vegan challenge left me with some question marks on whether it was healthy for me or not, and I decided that I will continue my life as a vegetarian so as not to put pressure on myself to eat healthy and because of the societal reasons of living in Japan.

Tell me your vegan experience in comments below!

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