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Various diets exist, but we already know that. This time, let’s look at fruitarianism and its side effects.


Fruitarians are people whose diet consists mainly of fruits. It’s the strictest form of veganism, in a way. Some fruitarians only allow themselves to eat fruits that have fallen from trees. Wouldn’t you like, I don’t know, die of malnutrition or something? At least, I thought so when I first heard about this type of eating.


But, here, let me clear up something. Fruitarianism does NOT mean you just eat fruits 24/7.  In addition to fruits, you have to eat some veggies and nuts in different proportions. Cereals/grain and root vegetables are forbidden because, technically, they’re not considered vegan in fruitarianism. Also, “fruit” includes tomatoes and cucumbers too, because, well…they are literally, “fruits.” 

In proportion, the ratio of carbohydrates: protein: lipids should be 80: 10: 10 in fruitarianism. An example would be fruit 80, soybean 10, other beans 10. A diet that is made up of fruits only can cause a lack of essential fatty acids, proteins, and other necessary nutrients. Now let’s look at the side effects. 

・The risk of diabetes

Fruits are rich in sugar. Some say that it raises the chance of getting diabetes because fruits increase the blood sugar level. In fact, people with diabetes are usually told to consume raw fruits together with vegetables. Before going fruitarian, consult with a doctor. I’m sure you’ll do that without me telling you to do.
However, there are also reports that the risk of getting diabetes decreases by being a fruitarian. On the other hand, taking too much fruit juice causes the opposite phenomenon. Perhaps it is better to avoid consuming too many fruits if you are at risk of developing diabetes.

・The risk of malnutrition

According to a study conducted by Columbia University in 2002,

A fruitarian diet may cause lack of calcium, protein, iron, zinc, vitamin D, vitamin B (vitamin B12 particularly derived from animals) and essential fatty acids. The possibility of causing mental instability is also pointed out.

Moreover, a lack of iodine, omega-3 fatty acids, etc. leads to anemia, fatigue, and weak immune system. So, when you’re a fruitarian, you MUST consume other vegetables and legumes to prevent malnutrition.

・Snacking because you’re hungry

Fruit is essentially water. Not entirely, but the most of it is water. Since I can’t cook fruits, I’m sure I will get tired of eating just fruits every day of my remaining life.
Also, because you will get hungry very soon, you will continue shoving food into your stomach without giving it a rest. In other words, it is inefficient and meaningless.

People who tried being a fruitarian full-time for a while have also mentioned that they were getting less motivated while being one. (This actually can happen even with a Vegan)

By the way, please don’t eat cooked fruits, and refrain from eating fruits together with hot food. The latter is bad for digestion, the former breaks nutrients, and enzymes.

・Jobs dead, Ashton Kutcher hospitalized

Fruitism is said to have been followed by THE Steve J. He also said to have got cancer because of fruitarianism. Ashton Kutcher who played him in the movie also tried fruitarianism. As a result, he was hospitalized. Well, it is quite doubtful that fruitarianism really helps, at this point. I will leave the judgment to the reader.

· However, it may be of help to some readers

You can also improve your body odor issues and skin symptoms. As there are differences in everything, there are individual differences in fruitarianism as well. Some people note the improvement in their gastrointestinal conditions. It may be worth a try if you have allergies or atopic dermatitis or constipated.

This website was helpful and if you’re interested in going fruitarian, check it out.

Life is just a bowl of cherries, Millennials


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