2017 Trends

Let’s go back in time, exactly to the beginning of this year and see what was so wrong with 2017 to have this trending.

1. Keywords: Sporty chic, casual sporty, minimal, logo, slogans/message Ts and hoodies, street fashion

Overall I can say that 2017 was a very big year for 90s fashion to come back and spread its wings. Sporty chic was the main keyword through this year’s fashion. Sporty over girly, sneakers over heels, tracksuits over cute dresses. Fanny packs were major trending accessories, and we haven’t seen much of patterns in 2017. (Now in 2017 winter, we started seeing more color and rainbow)
Logo culture returned (Hello A&F), Gucci T-shirt was all over social media as well as its ripoffs. Statement message hoodies were also sold much at fast fashion brands. Outfits were preferred to be minimal, chic and casual. Not much was going on, and oversize was in; rather than fitting, flowy shapes.
Related to sporty outfits, lots of message and logo belts were sold too. Grungy and sporty street looks were what 2017 fashion represented.
2. Brands: Gucci, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Tommy Jeans, Fila, Off White, Champion, Anti Social Social Club
Because of the mind-blowing major 90s wave, Tommy Jeans made a huge comeback this year with all sorts of nostalgic fashion pieces. Calvin Klein made a profitable campaign #mycalvins with their underwear. CK logo hoodies were popular too. Gucci T, mentioned above costs c. $600 (absurd, but I really wanted and gave up) giving me an idea that most of the pics on social media with Gucci T were all just ripoffs.
Fila, Adidas, Champion were the beloved brands by 90s lovers and they did a successful job on selling socks, hoodies, tracksuits and sneakers with 90s touch in them. Another street brand that I’ve frequently seen this year was Off White: nothing special really, its hoodie was a blast. (Same applies to ASSC)
1. HUJI Cam

Huji Cam lets you take a film-esque picture with a dd/mm/98 in it making it look like it was taken in 98. Nice idea, got popular among youth, but personally I’d be happy if I as able to choose different years.
2. Sarahah

Really don’t understand why this is trending, but this app lets you send an anonymous message. And I ask: what for?
3. Face filter apps
Probably won’t be trendy as it was in 2016 or in 2017, but Faceapp and other face filter apps were still trendy this year and people had good laughs having fun with Trump’s face (and his Twitter).
4. President Trump

He’s been a trend since he officially became a POTUS in January and I can’t help but anticipate for his future. I’m not going to get in a debate here of whether his politics were effective or just were pos, but he, without exceptions was one of the biggest trends in 2017. And he is popular and loved by Twitter.
5. #Saltbae

Interesting way of salting the meat, bad way of cutting it.
6. IT

How can I ignore this. This year’s Halloween was crazy with crazy clown!
7. Mocking SpongeBob

Personally, this was the best trend next to 90s fashion trend. I’ve seen so many mocking SpongeBob memes this year lol

This video on YouTube was so hilarious and so informative! I’d love to erase my memory and watch it again. You can also watch history of Japan which is not less inferior to the world version.
9. Fidget Spinner

I didn’t get this nor did I understand this trend. Was really popular among most of the human beings on earth and then faded.
We had lots of trends in 2017, some of them I didn’t include in the article. If I remember any more, I’d update, so stay tuned or I’ll see you in 2018. I hope the world in 2018 will be more or less peaceful enough to have more of stupid trends.

Wish you all good luck for the next year, Millennials.


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