Rainy Day BGM for Your Melancholic Soul

This is a part of the “recommending good stuff even no one asked me to” series and the first recommendation is music. Most of them are slow-tempo songs, smooth, chill, ballade type. Recommended music is all linked to YouTube.

You can literally listen to the “mindful music” here on this channel till the world ends. These types of songs are not EDM so, if you have that electronic, loud dance music, don’t worry. Most of them are calm and nice, wine to alcohol type. This kind of music can be looked up under “relaxing rainy day music” or “Jazz music” as well, and you’ll find lots of similar channels that have 24/7 streaming of rainy-day chill music.
Slow RnB type of sensual music can be found on Tinashe’s page. Listen to her with your lover on a rainy night. I assure you, it will turn you both on.
H.E.R has so much good smooth music too. She also collaborated with H.I.M Duet songs are hot as hell, chill-y songs.
Queen of Slowcore/Sadcore genre. Unbelievably sexy voice, depressing melody and unique lyrics makes her the No.1 moody, melancholy singer. Tinashe and H.E.R are more of a girly type, in contrast to Lana.
4. Enya
Can’t be compared to the major artists on the market, but her new age type songs calm the mind. Would love to listen to her songs in a rainy Venice.
Similar to Lana’s melody, but their (his?hers?) songs are a bit more edgy.
6. Nujabes
Nujabes, a Japanese DJ from Nishiazabu, unfortunately died in a car crush in 2010. His real name is Seba Jun and his DJ name Nujabes is an acronym of his real name. (SEBA JUN ← mirror → NUJ ABES).  His songs are mellow and hip-hop styled and very chill. I remember, I used to listen to his song Thank You a lot when I was in an un-seasonably cold NYC. Feather is another favorite song. His amazing songs are long remembered even though he is in a faraway place.

Have a chill day, Millennials.


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