Chitchat #2

We all struggle. We all lie down in bed at night with different thoughts, worries, hopes and expectations.

Worries never go away. Why do we worry in the first place? Maybe we want to prevent the ultimate and catastrophic ending. So we imagine the ultimate and catastrophic ending beforehand and prepare our minds and selves for that ending.

Living a life is so tiring. So exhausting. And interestingly, maybe no one has yet realized this, but we, human beings, made living a life a living hell. We made it difficult. And then decided to blame it on God. Because it’s easier that way. (And make money out of it because why not)

We lose sense of everything, we cuddle and fall in love with devices, and we no longer know what is it to love and to be loved. But we know what Twitter is. And what Facebook is. And what Instagram is. So no worries. We’re safe. Everything is alright, today.

You start that online course to make money and never finish it. You fuck up your new year’s resolution and you have a bad relationship with your dad. Or mom. Or your neighbor. Or with everyone. You skip classes because you don’t feel like it. You quit college, because you feel like it. You waste money, and then you go and earn the money you wasted.

Today, let’s be depressed. Let’s be fat, let’s not go to the gym. Let’s send a dic pic to that girl you like. Let’s not call your mom and tell her you love her. Let’s waste all day, because why not?

You’ve been doing that for the past years. Another wasted day won’t make any difference, really.

Let’s be lazy, Millennials.


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