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Initially, I thought the guy who uploads the videos was crazy. Or maybe mentally unstable. Or maybe he was just doing it as pranks and jokes (that always went too far). But he’s got almost 10 million subscribers and that says something about him. On a first look it seems like a kind of how-to type of tutorial video. Then it gets intense all of a sudden and will leave you in confusion afterwards. He breaks everything, crashes everything from expensive computers and TV, wastes all kinds of food especially eggs, he is just plain insane. First time I watched his videos, I hated him and swore never to watch them again. Then I don’t know what got over me, I got used to them and now I’m just addicted to them and can’t wait for new uploads. Probably because they have a weird addictive and stress relieving effect on me. You’ll see all of the ” Starving kids in Africa could have eaten those” type of comments, so if you are easily butt-hurt, don’t watch them. After all it’s just an entertainment.

You Suck At Cooking
The naming of this channel is just amazing. All the videos consists of a guy cooking different meal and being sarcastic. Though he acts like he doesn’t care much, but the effort he puts in editing is just next level. The way he cooks, the way he cuts food, the way he arranges the food on a plate: all are so sloppy. And he even upholds videos on every second Tuesday-ISH.

Frugal Aesthetic
It’s an awesome channel for those who get the American youth culture jokes. Most of them are how-to videos on a fashion and some are about specific fashion brands. All videos are trendy, funny, hilarious and so true.

bill wurtz
I’m sure everyone watched the two famous videos “history of the entire world, i guess” and “history of Japan“. I rolled on the floor laughing hysterically when I saw them first time and now I really wish I could erase my memory to just watch them again. Having almost 2 million subscribers, he usually uploads short videos with songs and slightly vapor wave animations. Lots of people always ask him to make another “history of” type of video, but he officially stated that he doesn’t have any plans to make another of those again. Yet, worth checking out.

This channel’s personal favorites are “”Instructions for a Happy Life” and “Now You Happy Always Maybe“. They are so, so, true in the message they convey! For a worrybug like you or me, we can sit together and watch “A Guide to Worrying” and then be worried about whatever we are worrying about. Simple, clean and very philosophical: these videos are suitable to watch  at 2AM lying in your bed instead of your usual dose of PornHub. Just go and watch them yourself. Seeing is believing.

Comedy Central for American humor
Your daily dose of laugh can be found here. Lots of skits and different standup comedians will help you start your day positively.

・Instead of billboard, try KMTV
If you want to find out popular songs and hit charts, this is the one.

If you don’t know what to make for tonight’s dinner, this channel is for you. Lots of recipes and they are all easy! Ingredients are also basic and all the videos are short so you will not waste time. I recommend the mobile app for Tasty too.


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