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・Spiritual:Infinite Waters 
Lacking energy? Lacking motivation? Do you need some good boosting up of your mental strength? This is, in my opinion, by far the best spiritual channel on entire YouTube. It’s consistent, it’s good, smooth and what Ralph says in his videos are all true and, most of all, apply to anyone. His channel has more than 1 million subscribers and he has more than 2000 videos on various topics. He’s not going to judge you or deny you, he’s just there, everyday, to deliver the message. A music to my ear, medicine for my body and a heaven for my soul.

・Motivational:Be InspiredAfter SkoolWord Porn
Be Inspired has more than 1 million subscribers like Infinite Waters, but the aim is a bit different. It doesn’t have as much spirituality but more of motivational dose in it. After Skool uploads drawing animation videos on motivational themes as well. Word Porn is another channel I like because of their short motivational videos of famous people’s interviews and lectures.

・Be familiar with the world affairs: Now This World 
Is a channel where you can check out short videos on various political topics. Most of them are focused on the current world affair and are nice and short. More than million subscribers with 3 new uploads/week.

・Making all from scratch: How to Make Everything
I actually once interviewed the owner of this channel, when he made his sandwich from scratch. He was a very nice person and I still remember laughing from his comment on his sandwich that cost him months to make. It’s such a bizarre idea to make something from scratch on your own in the present world where everything is always readily available. I admire his attitude to do it on his own and hope to see many more videos.

No, this is not that stupid bear. This is the famous TED channel on YouTube where you can check out interesting lectures and talks on various topics. Videos on Ted-Ed are the animated versions and also are very fun to watch.

・Thinking about ridiculous scientific questions on Riddle
Some themes are somewhat conspiratorial, somewhat weird, but they are all interesting and the channel has more than a million subscribers. Can a bee sting another bee? Do aliens exist? And what if the sun goes out for a few hours? If you want to know the answer, go to the Riddle.

In a Nutshell, SciShow, It’s Okay to be Smart, SproutsFightMediocrity
All of the above channels are centered around science. Some of the videos are animated, some not, some have more than 5 million subs, some not. I suggest subscribing to all of them and checking out the videos that catch your interest.

Charisma on Command if you want to win friends & influence people
Charlie here is a handsome-looking guy who teaches you how to communicate with other human beings. Most of the videos are focused on themes like how to talk to your boss or girls or girlboss and overall on the quality of the communication.

Vox is a social media channel that has almost 3 million subs and which tends to be on a more of a left side ideology-wise. Contents are on various themes from politics to pop culture.

VICE and its fashion department i-D
Vice is a social media as well that uploads more niche contents. Vox is more like an explanatory channel for the existing issues while VICE has journalistic vibes to it. Sometimes it gets criticized as well for biased coverages, but overall what they cover are contents that won’t get covered on mainstream media.

・News: ABC News, The Telegraph , Bloomberg and so many more

ABC has more than 2 million subs whilst The Telegraph has only 200k subs. Bloomberg occasionally uploads fun stuff which is worth checking out.

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