2018, here you are.

2017 closed its curtains and here we are, already 3 weeks into 2018. At this point, I’m sure most of you managed to break your new year’s resolution only to get back to the old way of living.

But, don’t worry, you’re not alone. We are all like that. We make the same mistakes again and again and again…
Let’s take a look at what the world is expecting this year.

2018, the year of the dogs, here we go.


1.30: 70 years since Gandhi was assassinated.
We will not repeat the history.

1.31: Lunar eclipse.
Do you know the difference between solar eclipse and lunar eclipse?
Solar eclipse is when “the sun” is “totally blocked” by “the moon”.
Lunar eclipse is when “the moon” is “partly blocked” by “the earth”.
If “the sun” is “partly blocked” by the moon and the moon looks like it has a ring around it, it’s called annular solar eclipse.
Annular solar eclipse and total solar eclipses can happen at the same time but in different locations.


2.4: Super bowl
This year’s Super Bowl will take place in Minnesota and Justin Timberlake is planned to appear at the halftime show.

2.9-2.25: XXIII Winter Olympic Games in Korea
More than 90 countries and 6000 people are scheduled to participate in the games. Seemingly this Olympic Games were on the pricier side compared to the past games such as Vancouver. Russia was suspended from participation and our PM Abe is planning to be absent at the opening ceremony.  North Korea is being it’s usual self. In short: it’s a chaos. However, I shall say good luck to the competitors to succeed and have a good result in the games.

2.28: Tokyo Marathon
Another fun day for Tokyo-ers to be blocked in traffic regulations!


3.1~: MET museum starts charging a set price for the visitors.
This is just unacceptable. As a NY guru. I’m sure they have so much donations and visitors every year; so, how could they not keep the pay-what-you-wish system? I mean the Gala with all the celebrities? Who are you trying to kid, MET? I’m just shocked.

3.18: Russian Presidential Election
President Putin already announced that he’s going to be participating in the presidential election. I don’t have any particular comments on this issue, as I know that he’s going to be re-re-re-re-elected. FYI, previous election was in 2012, the next one is supposed to be in 2024.

3.29: On this day in 2019, Brexit will happen.
Good work so far, I wish a long prosperity to the British Royal Family and hope that British people won’t be mad about not being with the other countries.


4.4: 50 years after the assassination of Martin Luther King.
I’m scared there might be some kind of attacks within US; hope this day ends quietly.


5.5:  NASA planning to launch InSight for Mars Investigation
This earth ranger will be researching Mars  for the next 2 years. Exciting and adventurous!

5.17: 70 years after Israel was built
I already see what’s going to happen on this day. Also there is that fact that the US is moving its embassy to Jerusalem. Another day that I hope ends quietly.

5.19: Royal Wedding of Prince Harry


6.8-6.9: G7 Summit in Canada
Do you know all the 7 (8) countries? They are France, the US, the UK, Japan, Italy, Germany, Canada and Russia, who is not not allowed to join the squad.

6.14-7.15: FIFA World Cup in Russia


7.27: Mars will be at the closest distance to earth since 2003
Let’s all say hi to the InSight!

7.28: Lunar Eclipse


Nothing interesting planned here. I suggest you all enjoy your summer, have fun, work hard, play hard, or do nothing and just get a good glowy, healthy tanned skin, summer memories and some preparing for the autumn.


9.9: 70 years since North Korea was built
Parade time!

9.15: 10 horrendous and memorable years since the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy that led to very cold, dark times for the stock market.
I cannot believe how fast time flies. It’s already been 10 years since that day. I honestly did not have any idea of how fucked up the situation was, but now looking back at it with grownup mind, I can see that it was a pretty disastrous day for the global economy.

9.20: Google celebrating 20 years
I thought Google was older? Now we can’t live without it. Isn’t it kind of illegal that only one company dominates the Internet? I guess not, but …but…!


Nothing interesting planned here. Let’s prepare for the winter, cozy up in a blanket with a good book to read or a movie to watch, or just web melancholic and stare out of a window with a sad look. Don’t forget your flu shot!


11.1: 25 years since EU was made
Ha! EU is older than Google! EU had also had difficult times in its 25 years existence, one country wiping ass of another country, the refugees problems, terror attacks that never seem to end, economical issues and so on and so forth. And despite all of that, I think it’s the only union that can oppose the US.

11.4: Wedding of Princess Mako at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo

11.6: Midterm Election in the US

11.30-12.1: G20 Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina
G20 is the move mentioned G7+ Russia+ EU+ 11 developing countries.


12.31: US no longer a member of UNESCO
Why did this happen, I thought and then googled and where did it all end? Of course! Politics!
The cause was the fact that UNESCO added the Palestinian site into a world heritage list. And then, Israel got mad, sine the site included a Jewish historic site as well, dragging US into this because Israel and US are allies. And so US stated they are leaving UNESCO.

Other Fun Things That May Happen in 2018:
・Drones might start carrying and delivering post in Japan due to modification of aviation law
・Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank changing its name to Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
・Tsukiji Fish Market moving to Toyosu
・PM Abe visit Russia

That’s the end of the article. Seems like we are going to have an exciting year! I personally hope there will be a new technology or scientific founding.
Hope this year be a productive one.

Happy new year, Millennials!


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