EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – Next Top YouTuber: Joshua Thomson

These days YouTubers are among children’s dreams of what they want to be when they grow up. Ordinary people can easily upload high quality videos on YouTube and become the next celebrity. Distributing information is easier than ever. Here in this article, I interviewed a Millennial YouTuber, Joshua Thomson, who was born and bred in Japan. 

Q. Tell me a little bit about yourself? 
A. I’m Joshua Thomson, 22 years old. Currently I work in Tokyo as a TV personality as well as a model. Ethnically I’m British but I was brought up in Japan. I’ve only been to England once last year [laughs]. I recently started shooting videos for my YouTube channel. 
Q. Why did you start your career as a YouTuber? 
A. When I was a child, I liked expressing myself in front of people, and actually that is the reason I’m in a TV industry right now. YouTube is a much easier tool than TV, that’s why I decided to use it as means of self-expression.
Q. Why now? 
A. When I was in a junior high school, I used to do live shows with my friend on UStream. It didn’t work out well and eventually I gave up. I still wanted to do similar things but couldn’t motivate myself to do it because I lacked confidence in myself. And I also wanted to do it properly so I could express myself fully to everyone and that’s why it took a while for me to be ready. Now is the time I’m ready to deliver the content I wanted to deliver for so long. 
Q. What is your theme in your videos? 
A. I often talk about news or explain current world affairs to Japanese people. Sometimes I just have fun on camera and I edit it out and post it. 
Q. What message would you like to deliver to the viewers? 
A. What I try to deliver is some kind of encouragement to Japanese people to be confident and courageous. I also would like everyone to have an international mindset. 
Q. What kind of struggle are you facing as a newbie YouTuber?
A. The most difficult part is to gain subscribers. It’s difficult to come up with a theme that will hit. And I’m always looking for ideas to entertain my viewers. What I’m doing now, in fact, will, most likely change in the future. At the present moment, I’m doing everything to see what my viewers will like. 
Q. You mentioned the difficulty of gaining subscribers, do you have any tips that you follow? 
A. I go to other YouTubers’ pages and leave comments, I also promote my videos on Facebook. 
Q. What do you care about when shooting or uploading a video? 
A. I have a rather dirty mouth, so I try not to swear much on camera. I’m also aware of the fact that people from different countries may watch my videos, so I try to be neutral on my opinions. At the same time, I point out the obvious problems in various things, so the balance of being neutral and honest is the part I struggle with when shooting. 
Q. Do you have any favorite YouTubers or YouTube channels? 
A. I like Benito Skinner [laughs]. I’m also subscribed to many geographical channels such as Wendover Productions. I’m interested in geography and world affairs. 
Q. How do you feel about other newbie YouTubers out there? 
A.  Of course, I feel competitive against them, but I think it would be interesting to collab together.
Q. What are your future plans for your YouTube channel? 
A. I really want to do fun and silly stuff and entertain many people. 
Q. Could you give the readers of The Millennials and viewers a message? 
A. Now, my videos are a bit on a serious note, but I will shoot much more lighthearted and fun videos. Stay tuned for the best content to come! 
Joshua Thomson
YouTube: Joshua’s journey 
Instagram:  @joshua.japan777
Interview Date: 24th January, 2018
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