50 Important Factors for You

I’m guessing you are a normal human being. If you want to survive in the present world, society, relationship, place, town, city, organization etc, just follow these 50 important factors to have a more or less normal life. 1. Be hygienic for fuck’s sake

Hair must be washed. Teeth must be brushed. Deodorants must be used. If you have a severe problem with your body odor, go to a hospital! It might be the sign of a serious illness. Oh, and don’t forget to trim the nails. If you look clean, you are already one step further to gain the trust you need compared to the people who do not.

2. Occasionally spend time in nature

Once a month, you might want to take a break, sit on a park bench and think the good thoughts.

3. You are what you eat

Excessive drinking, extremely salty/oily/sugary foods will kill you. Start from the easiest ones: to eliminate the above.
Know your metabolism. Know what your body likes and craves. Too much sugar leads to diabetes. Too much salt leads to high blood pressure. Don’t buy pre-made, processed foods from supermarkets. You are shortening your life with that crap.

4. You aren’t Napoleon. Sleep at least 6 hours.

Napoleon may indeed have slept only 4 hours, but let me ask you. ARE YOU NAPOLEON? I guess not. There are numerous articles on the consequences of lack of sleep. If you don’t believe it, try staying awake for 3 days and you’ll start seeing fairies. I won’t say you should sleep at least 8 hours every day, but let your body rest at least on weekends.

5. Exercise (No, wait I haven’t said “gym”)

By “exercise”, I mean like “move your body”. You may do 5 pushups every day or just walk around your neighborhood. Just start with what you can do and don’t set high goals. Don’t waste money on gym memberships if you know you will stop going there after the first visit. Even spending 10 minutes stretching at home is better than doing nothing.

6. Health checkups are important if you’re freelancing

This is a spot-on advice for freelancers because freelancers are not forced to do the annual health checkups like some companies do. Freelancers merely lack opportunities unless they create them themselves. Every few months, check your blood, and every year, check your health. (X-rays are optional) Some local governments provide free health checkups for certain people in a certain age range.

7. You are what you wear

You may wear whatever you like, but my advice is: stick to either 1) something that fits you nicely, 2) something that is overly extravagant and unique because it makes you stand out, or 3) something that makes you look stunningly good. No baggy, no dirty, no saggy, no too small or too big, no too tight, no too lose.

8. Clean at least once a month

Once a month isn’t enough to be honest, but we’re all lazy, busy and are tired at the same time. If you don’t clean your kitchen, sinks or basins, trust me, you will see a new, wild life flourishing there. We all love our smartphones. Why can’t we just wash the dishes while watching a YouTube video?

9. Leave your ex alone

She/he/it will not come back. Deal with it.

10. Try first, hate later.

Some people hate avocados, some hate meat, some hate fish, some hate Chinese, some hate specific books or movies…You know what? Let’s just try it first and hate it later.

11. What’s with your money situation?

Do you even have the ability to save up money?! You never know when you’ll be robbed or when your house catches fire or when you’ll get fired. Every month save a little bit for a rainy day. Managing your expenses is easier than ever with the help of various apps and services. If your jaw dropped when you calculated how much money you spent on the useless shit you bought this month, hell yeah, that’s when you start saving up dem dollarz.

12. Invest only using a surplus fund

Please, for the love of God, don’t invest all of your 20-years savings into a foreign exchange trading or other investment packages.

13. Getting-Rich-Quick scheme DOES NOT EXIST

If someone knew how to get rich quickly, I assure you, they won’t tell it to anyone. I wouldn’t. Telling the getting-rich-quick scheme to everyone is called “business”, darlings.

14. Lent money never returns

15. Revolving payments show how stupid you are

16. Pay taxes. Vote.

17. Read news…sometimes

Be interested in what is going on around the globe. Just a bit. There are so many news sources. If you hate reading news, you may even try kids news. News & weather come hand-in-hand.

18. Live close to your workplace

It will relieve stress. Long commuting hours are stressful and are a total waste of time.

19. Get married late but not too late

3 worst reasons for someone to get married are 1) money, 2) looks 3) sympathy
You will never be happy and your child will be miserable. Get married to someone you love, not for the reasons mentioned above.

20. Use contraceptives

My darling Millennials! STD is not something you will be proud of nor will be a shotgun marriage.

21. Gals, stay warm.

22. Gals, don’t be hooked up on diets.

Strict diets may even stop your menstruation and that’s a no-no. Don’t be obsessive. Have confidence in your body.

23. Don’t skip school

A lot of so-called geniuses may indeed have dropped out of college. But that will not give you a reason to follow their footsteps. Why? Because you’re not the one paying for the college tuition. (If you are paying for it, go ahead do what you want, I won’t stop you)
If you want to drop out of college, then at least have the decency to work and repay your mom and dad. They invested in a child like you although you might not have been the best kid in the world. They saw a potential in you and invested their money in you so you can have a good life with a college degree. Once you graduate, you can do whatever your majesty desires for the rest of the 60+ years of your life.

24. Get out of your comfort zone sometimes

Your comfort zone may include your bed, your city, your neighborhood, or even your country. Get out of it. The world is wide. It’s a new day. Go somewhere. Explore.

25. Past is the past. Move on

Don’t dwell on what happened 25 years ago. Or 2 days ago. Be nostalgic, but never dwell.

26. We all have ups and downs

There is no absolute guarantee in this life that we will be happy every day of our existence. Happy every day – is a mirage. If you were happy every day, that would have been your normality. Happiness is a comparison. We feel happy because we know what unhappy feels like.
Similarly, unhappiness will not continue forever.
We all get sick, may die, be caught in accidents, or be emotionally hurt. Your boss may suck!
But, we also get married to the best person in this world, have kids, have a nice house and afford to travel to the Maldives. Our planet is rotating around the sun and we are all alive and well.

27. Humanity is diverse

There are wise people, amazing people, stupid people, rich people, black people, white people, successful people, people in cults, depressed people, people who got married to things, happy people, homosexual people, asexual people, kinky people, people who work in Antarctica, people who go into outer space for work, suicidal people, people who kill people…
Our world is diverse. People are diverse. Be open and tolerant. You have no right to judge other people.

28. When in Rome, do as the Romans do

If you want to disturb the country, city, town, neighborhood, then others can own that right as well. However, our society does not let us do whatever comes upon our minds. Don’t be stubborn. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

29. We all die eventually

Thus, what you are worried about today, should not bug you. But if you do something really nasty, everyone will remember that until the day you die. So, choose wisely on your actions.

30. What you are worried about may not be a big deal

This article may help you.
Overall many people don’t seem to notice this, but a lot of people have been through worse. There are always people who have been through worse and for a longer time, repeatedly.

31. Don’t try to change other people

The person you are trying to change, is someone who grew up in a totally different environment under different parents in a different family. You may want to spend a day or 15 years to change that person. But that is such a waste of time. Don’t expect anyone to change for you. You either accept that person or cut connections.

32. All changes occur either from your actions or because of outer influence

People change only if they want to. Only when they realize they want to change and only if they act. Situations change only when someone acted upon it or there was some kind of influence from outside. Personality won’t change just from “thinking”.

33. Be punctual

Wasting other people’s time is rude. It’s low and unprofessional. Don’t be late on promises or meetings unless absolutely allowed. Learn from Japanese people and have the insight for the future.

34. Don’t try to search for a meaning in life

While you’re contemplating the meaning of life, life itself will go on. The meaning of life is life itself. It’s like looking for a meaning of zero. The meaning of zero is zero.

35. Only trust the law of physics and nature

Other stuff is stuff and all is artificial.

36. No one really cares about you

Why? Because we all want to be heard. You may be introverted, but no worries. No one really cares about you. You may have something stuck in your teeth or have unshaved facial hair. The other person would forget about that literally in the next 15 mins.

37. What is legal in other countries may not be necessarily legal in your own country

Not to get arrested is a basic life-factor. There is a reason that weed is illegal in Japan. If it’s illegal in your own country, then follow the rules. Crimes are crimes no matter the seriousness.

38.  Tattoos are irremovable

They are permanent, if you haven’t noticed yet.

39. If you’re playing games for more than 4 hours a day and aren’t making money out of it, reconsider how you spend your time

Either try various part-time jobs or go volunteering.

40. Don’t expect anyone to do anything for you

Be an adult and learn to do most of the things on an average level by yourself. Learn how to make a toast, how to cook eggs, how to boil pasta, how to wash the dishes, how to clean the house. Living alone may be a good experience to learn about an independent life.

41. Put effort into whatever brings you money

Whether it’s a work or not, if something brings you money, at least put some effort into it. If it’s a job, finish it and don’t throw it away halfway. Don’t be lazy. They are paying you. Have some respect.

42. Actions should be based on rationality, not emotions

Emotions are temporary, rationality is permanent.

43. Balance & moderation

Don’t express your extreme thoughts and ideas in front of people. Having your opinion is important, but keeping it to yourself whenever your opinion isn’t needed is more important.

44. Have good thoughts in bed

You’ll wake up thinking about the same problem anyway, so why not, at least in bed, have nice, good thoughts?

45. Don’t complain too much

No one cares about what you are bitching about. 20 mins of complaining is maximum amount for a day. Forgive & forget, move on.

46. Some mistakes are never taken back

That mistake may be breaking up with a lover of 10 years or a little lie you told when you were a child. Some have secrets that will haunt them till death. Take a deep breath and know that you are alive today.

47. Know your place. Literally and figuratively.

Do you have a laptop? A boyfriend? Parents? Pets? Are you healthy? Do you have the latest iPhone?
If you do, or have, or can, then you are luckier than the rest of the population on this earth who don’t have any of the things mentioned above. Do you have the right to complain? Do you deserve to be rewarded? Criticizing and insulting are 2 different things. Know your place. Know your price and value. Take a look at your surroundings.

48. Never trust social media

I’m not going to say that social media is bullshit. Social media is a double-edged sword. And you have to understand, once and for all, that everything posted on SNS has an untold story behind it. And that story is not always a good one. All those social media services are so cheap and so fragile. You can delete everything just by one click. And you let yourself be controlled by such toys?
See the real world through your eyes, not through filtered screens.

49. Check out The Millennials™️

This website was created in order to make your lives better. Some useful info can be found here and here.

50. Everything’s going to be alright.

Be humane, Millennials


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