5 Important Personality Traits as a Human Being

We have a similar article here that may also help you to be a better person in this society. In this article, we seek what personality traits may be beneficial for us to have. 

Common Sense
For example, not texting while you’re walking and then bumping into someone really hard and getting insulted, not being late to meetings, letting people get off the train first, not cutting in lines etc. If you don’t know what a “common sense” is, Google it.
Having a common sense makes you a reliable person. If someone is being an ass to you, you wouldn’t want to hang out, do business or be in a relationship with them. Of course, the definition of a common sense may vary depending on where you live, but “common sense” is “common” because it applies to many people.
If you’re not sure if what you’re doing is common or uncommon, ask! Search and you shall find.
Nowadays, many people lack common sense. Drunk 40s, impatient 20s, arrogant 60s, depressed teenagers, foreigners etc. Having a common sense is the first step to build trust between people.

Don’t mix up patience with endurance or tolerance.
Also, patience has nothing to do with “holding it in when you want to go pee” or “standing a loud noise”.
Above examples does not have any rewards. They are temporal and rewardless.
Endurance is also rewardless, but is long-term.
What I am asking you, Millennials, is to have “long-term, rewarding, patience”.
People these days cannot wait. They have the concentration span of 5 mins. We’re so impatient and we want everything RIGHT FUCKIN NOW. We can’t concentrate on movies, on videos, on books and we need new things and information instantly and constantly! We’re really good at multi-tasking but very bad at focusing on one thing.In order to succeed at something, learn to be patient. Charlie Munger said “The world is not yet a crazy enough place to reward a whole bunch of undeserving people”.  These words are golden. 1 million dollars will not fall out of the sky one day in front of your doorstep. (Fortunately)  We all think, we deserve to be rewarded, but are you sure about that?

Having hatred toward someone or something is natural. However, don’t blow up things or people, start a war, harass, bully just because you hate something. As I said, we can’t please everyone and everyone can’t please us. We have some prejudice and stereotypes toward particular things that are not our cup of tea and never possibly will be. Some hate Jews, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Gays, Koreans, black people, blue-collar, white, Asians…etc
But, you have to learn not to show it in the public in order to avoid getting into trouble. Expressing your hate is not something to boast off, it’s something to be ashamed off. You might hate Japanese and you can hate them all you want. Just don’t show it and don’t shove it to anyone.
We live in a very sensitive and politically correct era. One word can cause you job. Extremities tell a lot about you. You might be lonely and wanting someone with the same ideologies with you to hang out or be friends with.
Be tolerant. You maybe saved your life by someone you hate the most. Don’t let your hatred get in your way of success.

Apologizing & Forgiving
Oh, how difficult this is. (Genuinely thinking so. ) If you have a conscience and if you are not a psychopath, apologizing comes with a feeling of shame & guilt. And who wants to feel that? Our brain always tries to avoid stressful situations coming up with various excuses not to say that one short word. “Sorry”. If something rings a bell and you’re aware that you have to say sorry to someone, do it. Do it before it’s too late. Don’t miss the opportunity.
The one who’s supposed to forgive, also tends to let the pride get into them. So, we can’t apologize nor we can forgive.
Forgiving something immediately might be difficult. But don’t keep that feeling in you for a long time.

We all can say thank you to our friends or families for something small that they did for us. But not many people can truly show appreciation for larger things.
If someone took time personally for you and did something for you, then don’t forget to say your thanks to them and show appreciation! Sounds easy, but seldom done.
We human beings tend to forget all of the good things that people did for us once we became happy. Don’t forget to appreciate especially when you are on the top of the happiness mountain. Yeah, good for you that you’re ecstatic, but the life will go on as usual for the rest of the people.
Be grateful that the sun haven’t abandoned us, that the earth is feeling like rotating around the sun, that we were able to wake up and welcome another, new day and be grateful that you are alive and well and so are your friends and family.

Be grateful, be generous, be kind, be honest, be modest, Millennials.


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