Sacrifice for Success

Successful people may have fun morning routines and may very well be college dropouts, but let me comment on one, important thing: success crave sacrifice.


Let’s define “successful” as “people who are well-known and have large funds”. For example, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, Jay-Z, Jack Ma and so on and so forth.

In order to succeed, “time” is the first requirement. Success will not come in a second, or in 10 minutes, or to some people not even in 10 months. It depends on how good you do business, but some have to wait 30 years to successfully retire. Some can let themselves retire in their 20s within few months period. Interestingly, Bill Gates is said to have never taken a day-off during his 20s. The point is not whether he actually took a day-off or not, but the amount of time he sacrificed to get what he wanted. (Concerning day-offs, please have rest when you’re tired. I’m not suggesting that you need to work every day without any timeouts) The sacrifice of time might be the time you usually spend with your friends or family.

In order to succeed, you also need “continuity”. Be strict to yourself and have discipline. You may have made success in 10 minutes; in that case, you probably have guessed it right, but you might want to come up with an idea of how to continue that process of success-making. Success comes in different colors and shapes (figuratively). In my opinion, succeeding without any kind of labor is nearly impossible. At some point, you require your attention or intermission even concerning your passive income.

In order to succeed, next thing you might need is to be “cunning” or to be able to “work smart”. Now let’s imagine: you are a boss of some company and you need to fire one employee to cut budgets. Times are difficult, the economy is bad, you gotta make your decision.
Would you fire the worker who is incompetent  BUT who is loved by everyone and who is really kind, OR would you fire someone who is smart, sharp, the best worker in the firm BUT without conscience? I guess you would leave the psycho-worker and fire the first, generous, kind worker. Why? Because companies are all about results and productivity. Yes, I agree, anyone must have a place in the society according to their abilities and capacities. And of course, if you are a psycho-boss yourself, you might want to fire the smart guy in order to avoid being over-promoted by that guy you left in the firm. But the general principle in the company is: competent people go higher.
So my point is, whether it’s a psycho-worker or psycho-boss, successful people are always being hated.

This is the most important factor and is also related to what I wrote above, but successful people often sacrifice “humanity”. Humanity includes shame, morality or social rules. There are plenty of things that are legal, but morally wrong. Urging people to fight, spreading rumors, harassments etc., are all very low, but you can’t imagine how many people climbed the social ladder by going too far.  Some people earn money with a profession that is socially frowned upon. Nowadays, it’s our own choice of what kind of profession we choose to have, and no one can or has the right to judge us.
Sacrificing humanity means doing something that is morally wrong and sometimes ever so slightly carrying the possibility of being or not being illegal in some way or another or something like that (not advocating anything here). On one hand, there are people who choose a thorny pass on their own, on the other hand, there are also people who were forced to thread their ways a thorny pass.

The reason why so many CEOs, social climbers and successful people are said to be psychopaths lies here: they don’t regard other humans as fellow humans. For them, we are just bunch of “it”s. Our pain is practically nothing and they only have an emotional capacity of a sand grain. That’s why they don’t care about what you think and they can ignore your opinions and overall whole existence.

Now let us get back to the sacrifice. This one applies to women. It’s the very hard choice of “having a child or not”. Let’s face it, but to some people, the topic of children & family is an obstacle, a drawback, block…
Maintaining your social status AND falling in love, getting married and being a housewife to 5 children (extreme) costs your precious time and freedom. Top priority would be your child and not your work especially if you can’t depend on your husband or other relatives. So, although, controversial, to some women, the choice of having a child may not even exist.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, successful people may have the same morning routines or can be college dropouts or might have weird habits. And we all try to follow them blindly not really thinking about the most important factor of sacrifice. If everyone followed the morning routine of Bill Gates and became a successful person, the world would have had much more startup CEOs by now. If dropping out of college was so important, no one would have given a damn about ivy league.

Success requires sacrifice, more or less. You may lose friends, families, you may get sued, you may get hated 24/7 and 365. BUT, you may get fame, power, and money.

So how far can you go to be successful?

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