Importance of Being Cultural

Why on earth do I have to be cultural? I prefer to be dumb. 

And that’s where you’re wrong. You’re so wrong I can’t even.

The meaning of being cultural/sophisticated/educated: is
the richness of your soul or heart that can be reached only by the knowledge you gained throughout your life.

Being cultural does not mean being a know-it-all, or hiding all of your knowledge inside your mind. It means applying your knowledge wisely to daily things and situations thereby achieving happiness through that. My own interpretation of being cultural is: to know how to use your knowledge.

By knowing a lot, you can open so many doors and you can have so many opportunities. You can talk about various topics on equal levels with adults and older generation. And the reason it’s so important is because you can gain trust from that.

People would think you are a sophisticated, educated person and not some dumb-dodo.

First, start from thinking that it’s a shame that you don’t know something. It will lead you to build a habit of “googling everything”. Information has never been easier to get. Books, videos, Apps, courses and so much more is easily available on Internet and for free! If you continue, you would also build up a strength to identify which information is true and which is false.

There are so many people who are starving for education. That might be the kids who can’t go to school in Africa or Ukraine or wherever, or people who are barely paying off their college tuition debts and still are seriously taking their lectures.  If you are lucky enough to afford the university education, please, take it seriously. You can party all you want later in life.

Interestingly enough, students in Japan seem like they take the college education less seriously than the students in other countries. Many students here don’t attend lectures, skip them, stop coming to college after they completed enough units for graduations and what is saddest, is that they graduate without a “profession”. I’m not going to get into the educational system in Japan here, but the attitude of Japanese students is just downright pathetic.

If you have an opportunity for studying, use it well! Don’t waste it. A lot of things in the society are provided either discounted or cheap or even for free just because you are a student! Status of student is saint. Do things, go places, experience many activities. Why not try volunteering? Why not try donating blood or hair? Attend lectures in and out of university. Talk to people and get out of your comfort zone.

Even if you’re not interested in something,  try it and see. That’s a golden rule. People suggest something to you for a reason. It might be a good gateway to understand that person who might be very important to you later in your life.

So how to be cultural?
One good source is YouTube.  (Not sponsored)
Another one is books. And not the thick, historical books but start from magazines. Stroll around a bookstore and get some cheap magazines. Doing that, you already surpass those who sit on their asses and won’t do a thing.

A good source for meeting people is a social service called “meetup”. They have parties, gatherings etc. While I was in NYC by myself, I attended parties and meetups through this app and made a few friends with whom I’m still in touch to this day.

Going to museums and exhibitions is also fun, it’s just that no one goes there. All kinds of domestic events and lectures, symposiums are held and you don’t know it. Why not go there alone? No one’s going to laugh at you because you went to a museum alone. It’s better to go alone for the sake of freedom.
If you are financially stable and have much time, go abroad.

Also, an easy habit that you can build up from now, is to watch news everyday. (Ideally from various media sources) You might not know it, but news changes everyday? (This is sarcasm FYI)

Leave those newly wed celebrity couples alone. They will divorce in 5 years anyway. Better find a reason of why the NY
Dow dropped by the amount it dropped? Or what kind of animals have gone extinct in the past year?

One thing I would like to state is: don’t be afraid of admitting that you don’t know something. That’s a misconception that many people have. If you admit that you don’t know something, people will tell you right away and trust me, human beings love teaching things to others. What is bad, is to boast off that you don’t know something and don’t change that attitude.

Being cultural is not the same as knowing what comes after 3.141592…(That’s phenomenal if you know what comes after but only shows how good your memory is)  Being cultural means to know how to apply pi in actual mathematical problems.

Being cultural is not knowing who is the current president of the USA. (That’s called common sense btw) Being cultural is knowing what kind of changes happened or did not happen after D. Trump became the POTUS and having your own opinion on that matter. (At the same time, not trying to counter-argue someone with a different opinion is another factor)

If you are living a life like a mud, you won’t need any knowledge. If you don’t have any plans to fly high, indeed, why would you need any knowledge.

But if you are struggling and can’t find your place and don’t know where to start, or how to start, or if you feel out-of-the place in the environment you are right now; then, by all means, try being curious. Step up. The world is your oyster. (Remember also that the world hasn’t been built in a day. It takes time.)

Be smart, be curious, be ambitious, Millennials.


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