What It Means to Be Organic Pt.3


Here in Part.1 and Part.2, we talked about what and why of organic. In the last article of “What It Means to Be Organic”, we will talk whether going organic really helps your health. 

The question of whether organic really helps your health is still under skepticism. The answer is not definite but I’d say going organic will more or less be better than consuming non-organic products whether food or daily necessities. Organic things are organic for a reason. Organic food does not have as many additives, preservatives or chemicals as mass-produced food does, usually non-GMO, and can be gluten-free/vegan/vegetarian. Organic products tend to reduce the symptoms of neurological disorders or allergies and skin symptoms. (Again, not definite)


If food, clothing, and shelter are organic, then we can reduce the total amount of the intake of unhealthy materials into our body in the first place.

On the contrary, and it’s going to contradict what I wrote above, but because organic wasn’t made for each and every one of us and definitely not for mass-consumption, the reaction to organic products may vary on the individuals. Some products may be too strong and too stimulating. Some may not have any effect at all. If it’s a cosmetic product, then I suggest doing a patch test before trying it out. If it’s a food, then starting from a small portion and substituting gradually will prevent your body from reacting harshly to a new food. (Reaction can be a necessary cleansing reaction, so don’t immediately panic if you see something unusual. If it continues, consult with a doctor. )

Also, there is another dilemma with organic products. If milk, egg, or meat is unhealthy, then there is no reason to make an organic version of it in the first place. Of course, the substance that causes allergy or other illness may be reduced by an organic way of growing particular food, but you get the bottom line.

Overall, going organic is more of an important factor for the environment rather than a healthy effect on our body.  The healthy impact is secondary. An organic lifestyle is first of all necessary for the local biodiversity and for preserving an eco-system.

World of Organic is deep. Let it swallow you. Dive deep and let’s change the world together. Leave your thoughts in the comment.

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