INTERVIEW: Cyrus Sutton, Co-founder of MANDA


Here in this article, I introduced you to an all-natural & organic sunscreen, MANDA’s Organic Sun Paste. I asked Mr. Cyrus Sutton, the co-founder of MANDA, a little bit about the brand and how they plan to develop MANDA in the future.

(In-article: Mr. Cyrus Sutton is marked as CS)


Q. On your website it says you are surfers, thatʼs amazing! Could you tell me the story behind the establishment of your brand?

CS: As surfers, we are connected to the environment because that’s where we find our joy. Surfing taught me about how to be healthy. To effectively move my body with the curves of the waves. I began to look at how the things I ate and wore affected my ability to surf on the waves. This led me to eat only organic foods and use only natural products for my hair and skin. I couldn’t find a good sunscreen so I started making my own about 7 years ago. This led to starting MANDA.
Q. What inspired you to choose Thanaka as the key ingredient for your products?

CS: All natural sunblocks work by using a physical barrier on the skin. Today all natural sunblocks feature a mineral (zinc oxide or titanium dioxide) as this physical ingredient. The issue with these minerals is that they have to be mined from the Earth. We wanted to lessen our impact on the planet by substituting a portion of the mineral content in our formula with Thanaka which comes from a tree in Burma and has far less of a carbon footprint.

Q. What does “MANDA” mean?

CS: Manda is a slang for “go for it!” in Mexican Spanish.

Q. What do you think that makes you stand out among other similar brands in the market?

CS: We are also committed to raising awareness about the harmful effects synthetic chemicals in our sun care on our bodies and the environment. Our mission is to create the most sustainable and high performing sun care in the world to replace the current paradigm.

Q. Do you have any plans to expand your business to a larger market e.g., to distribute abroad or to produce other kinds of organic cosmetics?

CS: Yes. We currently offer a face paste which works best in warm weather. This summer we are releasing a powerful body cream that works in all weather as well as a strong after-sun paw paw moisturizer made with papaya and shea butter. We feel that with these three ingredients we have the highest performing sustainable solution for whole body sun care.

Q. What is your future plan as a brand?

CS: A lot of people think that just because something is natural means that it won’t work as well. We want to change this. We are committed to creating products which are at the nexus of health, performance, and sustainability.

Q. Could you give a message to the readers of our media? 🙂

CS: Thanks for reading this and supporting this publication and my work!

Explore more about MANDA on their official website.
This amazing Sun Paste is available in the online store of MANDA.
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