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Organic sunscreen? Is that even possible? That was my initial thought. Until I got to know MANDA’s Sun Paste.

In this article, let me introduce you to an amazing sunscreen brand MANDA and their sunscreen, Organic Sun Paste. Made with all-natural ingredients with a high performance and SPF 50, once you use it, you’ll never go back to traditional sunscreens. (Do you even know how awesome for an organic sunscreen to have SPF 50?)

All-natural, Chemical-free, Kids-safe
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MANDA’s Sun Paste is a chemical-free and yummy-smelling sunscreen. You can check the ingredients down below.
Thanaka, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Cacao Powder, Organic Beeswax, Organic Cinnamon Oil and Non-nano zinc oxide.
As you see the ingredients in the Sun Paste are all natural, safe for your skin, even safe to eat, and highly moisturizing, which is so crucial for a sun-exposed skin. With this Sun Paste, you can protect your beautiful skin from the strong, summer ultraviolet radiation AND keep the skin moisturized at the same time!

Proudly Presenting:
Thanaka, the Natural Sunblock Ingredient, All the Way from Myanmar 
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Have you ever heard of the ingredient “Thanaka”? It’s a sunblock ingredient that derives from Thanaka tree native to Myanmar. This ingredient has been used as a natural sunblock by the local Burmese people, where the UV radiation is way harsher than in Japan. Thanaka is peculiar not only because of its sunblock feature but also because it’s full of Vitamin E which serves as an anti-oxidant. Two components that could be found in Thanaka, coumarin and marmesin, have important properties such as being anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-acne, and anti-aging. Even if your skin gets exposed under the sun, the ingredients in the Sun Paste will surely minimize the damage from the UV radiation.

Love for the Sea and Your Skin

So why does it have to be Thanaka? Why not some other ingredient with the same effect?
In fact, traditional sunscreens can harm the marine organisms and the overall marine environment. Among those, especially coral reefs receive the most damage. Annually, 360,000 tons of washed-off sunscreen is absorbed into the coral reef habitat area and 10% of the coral reefs are at risk for bleaching because of all the chemical sunscreen wash-off. This is beyond imagination. Thus, MANDA developed a reef-safe Sun Paste to protect the marine environment.

Sweatproof/ Waterproof/ Windproof !

Mr. Cyrus Sutton, the co-founder of MANDA, is a surfer. And yes, surfers spend overwhelmingly long time under the sun & under the sea compared to us. Putting sunscreen, again and again, every hour, is not an option.
Being a surfer himself, Mr. Sutton and his team were committed to creating a sunscreen formula with a strong water resistance so everyone can indulge in their favorite marine activities without worrying to reapply the sunscreen every hour.
While all the other sunscreen brands try hard to make the strongest, ever-lasting, transparent sunscreen, MANDA created a unique, visible sunscreen. This fact alone already makes MANDA a special brand that truly cares about our skin.

So, dearest Millennials, why not choose MANDA’s Sun Paste instead of chemical-loaded, environmentally-unfriendly sunscreens? Protect your skin and protect the marine environment at the same time!

Explore more about MANDA on their official website.
This amazing Sun Paste is available in the online store of MANDA.
Interview with Mr. Cyrus Sutton, the co-founder of MANDA, can be viewed here.
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