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One of the important factors to look for when selecting high-quality organic cosmetics is whether the brand is certified or not. In this article, we’d like to introduce you to a  Japanese cosmetics brand Ruhaku (琉白). 

Ecocert-certified, organic, safe!
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On the hunt for organic cosmetics, whether the brand has certification may be one of the crucial factors for selecting the product. We need to be sure we’re not buying some phony, chemical-loaded product for our dear skin. Among many of the organic certifications, Ecocert is a credible certification given only to those cosmetics that passed its strict standards.
Ecocert is an organic certification organization based in Toulouse, France. They certify anything from food to cosmetics, and companies like Aveda, L’Oreal, Kiehl’s, Clarins are one of the brands certified by Ecocert.
Ruhaku, the brand we’re introducing in this article, is not an exception. Ruhaku is not only a certified brand on its own, but it also received a certification for its lotion made with the signature ingredient Gettou (Alpinia zerumbet aka shell ginger).
In addition, Ecocert has to be renewed annually. Ruhaku assures to provide a high-quality, organic, cosmetics to the customers by renewing its certification every year without fail.

Two Skincare Lines Made With Ingredients from Okinawa, Japan

Ruhaku has only two skincare lines. The main skin care line includes products with Gettou, a herb native to Okinawa, the southernmost populated prefecture in Japan.
The second skincare line includes products with Shequasar, aka flat lemon, a fruit loved by the locals of Okinawa.

Gettou skincare line focuses on moisturizing & nourishing dry skin as well as treating the troubled spots that you may have on your pretty face. Rich and thick Gettou Clear Moist Lotion will rejuvenate your skin with its core, powerful beauty components from Okinawa!

But, wouldn’t you want to know more in details about the ingredients? Above all, how is Gettou so beneficial to the skin anyway? Let me explain a little about this magnificent herb and its effects.
The Gettou herb used in Ruhaku’s products is the JAS-certified organic plant grown in Hamahiga Island in Okinawa prefecture.

It has been proven that the plant contains extremely high reactive oxygen removal effect from the research of Ryukyu University.

Moreover, the Gettou has an aromatic effect for calming the mind and easing any symptoms caused by the hormonal unbalance.

RUHAKU only uses Gettou plants cultivated on the Hamahiga island in Okinawa archipelago, that is certified by the biological organic institution “JAS”.

(cf. Ruhaku Official Website)

Now, let’s move on to the Shequasar. Ruhaku’s Shequasar skincare line is mainly focused on brightening the skin tone and cleansing the old skin cells. Shequasar is also JAS-certified. Below you can read the beneficial effects of Shequasar on the skin.

Shequasar, is rich in “Nobiletin”, one of the flavonoid chemicals, which helps to prevent melanin production by suppressing the biosynthesis of tyrosinase enzyme. In addition, Nobiletin is said to have a cell-protecting function to it leading to a clearer and brighter skin. (cf. Ruhaku Official Website)

Because of this chemical, Shequasar is able to protect the skin from the ultraviolet rays and maintain it in a healthy state throughout the hot season!

Vegan & Additive-free,
Made-in-Japan High-Quality Products
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Above are the standards of the Ecocert. Veganism is still relatively unpopular in Japan and finding a decent, natural, vegan cosmetics company can be difficult.
Ruhaku’s products are vegan, made from carefully selected natural ingredients without any kinds of additives.
But, no additives does not necessarily mean it’s high-quality. Ruhaku makes sure each and every customer understands what kind of ingredients are used in their products, so they know what they are paying for. That’s why I recommend you Ruhaku’s cosmetics with confidence.

TM: Why do you think organic cosmetics are not that popular among the public in Japan?

RK: While in other countries, people choose organic cosmetics for environmental reasons or for the future of the earth, in Japan, the trend on organic cosmetics started from the false idea of “organic cosmetics being gentle to the skin”. That’s why in Japan, organic cosmetics are usually associated with being non-irritating and hypoallergenic.
In fact, there is a great possibility that you might be allergic to the ingredients and if you really want to buy products for sensitive skin, you should go for completely “additive-free” products and not necessarily “organic”.
Also, there is an endless war in the make-up industry between the companies that make “additive-free” and the companies that make “organic” products. The information is often times all mixed up and customers don’t know which company to trust. In my opinion,  that is one of the causes for the organic cosmetics to be less popular in Japan compared to other countries.
Organic products supposed to tackle the environmental issues. Essentially, people should think “Oh I have to use the organic products to protect the environment” or “to support the organic farms”. In Japan, for some reason, organic cosmetics are popular for more entertainment reasons like “less irritative on skin” or they may be popular “because some model was using it”. This is why domestic, organic cosmetics are usually less consumed compared to the foreign products. People buy organic because it’s something foreign and not because it’s good for the environment. In order for the organic cosmetics to be popular in Japan, I believe we have to change the people’s attitude first.

TM: Are you selling your products other than in Japan?

RK: Yes, we are! We sell our products in French department stores, in Russia, in Hong Kong, and in Taiwan. Fortunately, they were the ones who contacted us first.

TM: Products made with the ingredients from Okinawa sounds unique! Do you have any plans to expand your sales? I think you should *laughs*

RK: Yes *laughs*.  That’s our plan! At this point, we have offers from Vietnam, Singapore, Canada, the U.S., and Norway.

TM: Will you add more products to your lineup?

RK: For the skincare line, we may. Even if we decide to add more new products, it would be either for the moisturizing, anti-aging skincare line with Gettou or for the Shequasar toning and brightening up skincare line.
We may also produce some body-care products or makeup products as well based on customer feedback. We consider making those products using hibiscus (a flower often seen in Okinawa) or aloe.

TM: I saw that the production process was not an easy way for your company. How difficult was it? Did you have any obstacles on the way?

RK: We started developing products in 2009 and selling them in 2012. At that time, Japan was completely ignorant of anything that was organic.
Finding the right factories, the right ingredients were very hard and took most of the time. Growing organic Gettou plant and Shequasar costs a lot as well. So finding a farm that was doing it continuously was also a difficult issue. Now there are 2 farms that grow organic Gettou, but at that time…none. And still to this day, only 2 farms in all of Okinawa.

TM: What are your strengths compared to other Organic brands?

RK: The fact that we are certified, for sure. From the sales release in 2012, we’ve been updating the certification without fail. Also, the originality of our ingredients is something that makes us stand out among other domestic, organic cosmetics brands. Compared to other competitive products, we are unique in that we use the specific ingredient Gettou native to Okinawa. That’s what distinguishes us from others.

TM: Overall, what do you think about the current cosmetics market?

RK: I think the fact that the organic movement started itself from the fact that “it might be gentle to the skin” is incorrect. I mean, take a look at the advertisements online. Most of them say how other brands are lying and how their products are more gentle. The overall trend of getting customers by threatening is so far from what organic movement truly supposed to be. The important message that we have to deliver to customers is to think about the earth and to think about the future of our kids. And I hope consumers would, too, think about that when they choose the products. I just don’t feel comfortable when “organic” is used purely for commercial reasons. So many of the organic brands are self-proclaimed without solid evidence.

TM: What’s your future goal as a brand?

RK: We still are a small brand and our main goal at this moment is to sell our products and produce different kinds of skincare products. However, I think that “being beautiful” is not achievable only by cosmetic products. It involves the general lifestyle you have and the food you eat and so on.
So, our next goal would be to support that aspect of life. And, since we are an Ecocert-certified brand, we are trying our best to increase the awareness for the correct notion of being “organic” as well as taking an action for the environmental conservation.

Q. Could you give a message or advice to the readers & consumers? 🙂

TM: Our brand’s selling points are being “organic” and  “using Okinawa-ingredients”.  But, our motto is to help treat the skin of busy people who can’t take the “me-time” out of their schedule purely for skincare. Thus, we are actually hesitant to, so-to-speak, intrude into a very personal time of skincare in daily life.
So, well… We would be very, very happy if you could add our products into your favorites and could continue using our products in your daily skincare routines 🙂

I am sure Ruhaku will contribute to spreading the correct information on all things organic with its certified, vegan cosmetics. Why not change up your skincare routine using Ruhaku’s rich and moisturizing skin care products?

Want to know more? Go to the official website 

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