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Problematic skin? Looking for an eco-friendly bedding? Interested in Japanese tradition? Well, you’re in the right place. 

We are so indifferent to the bedding we use, although we are asleep for one-third of our lives. The company I’m going to introduce in this article is Aizome Bedding, a Tokyo-based bedding company that designs bedsheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases made with… natural indigo dye (a.k.a Aizome in Japanese )!
Stay awake 😉 until the end of the article for an exclusive interview with the co-founder of Aizome Bedding, Ms. Misa Muto.

What Is “Aizome”?


So what exactly is “Aizome”? Aizome is a traditional indigo dying technique that has been used in Japan for hundreds of years. It dates way back to even before the Edo period, from the 1600s to be precise.
Indigo dying uses indigo leaves which, in ancient times, have been utilized as a remedy for various skin problems and medical diseases.
In fact in Japan, the indigo dyed materials were used as underwear for Samurais to prompt faster healing of wounds. Aizome Bedding designed bedding pieces that integrated the traditional Japanese indigo dying with our daily lives.

Chemical-Free, Eco-Friendly, Hypoallergenic and Durable!


Let’s think about the conventional bedding. Made from god knows what, with chemical dye and without the slightest hint of being organic or chemical-free. It is such an irony how major bedding companies actually don’t give a damn from what the bedding is made, and with what your skin touches while it’s having a well-deserved beauty sleep.
Conventional bedding tends to be made from polyester and then dyed with chemical colorings. Usually, chemical dyes are too toxic to be touched by bare hands and will immediately cause inflammatory reactions. Imagine sleeping on that 🙂

Indigo dye, on the other hand, can be touched with bare hands. Indigo is a natural plant that has existed from way before the humanity invented an artificial dye. Indigo leaves are tender to the skin and have anti-fungi/anti-bacterial effects. If you prone to sweating while you’re asleep or if you have a sensitive skin, the Aizome bedding is made for you.
Not only it is gentle to the skin, but it’s also hypoallergenic. It can safely be used for kids’ bedding as well as for someone who already has an allergy or other skin trouble. Don’t lose your sleep over your skin problems anymore!

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Aizome bedding is made only with 3 above ingredients. There will be no harmful chemicals, or environmental hormones emissions or usages during the manufacturing process. In fact, the Aizome bedding uses their unique way of dying technique reducing the amount of water used to 200 times less than that of conventional bedding.


Indigo dyed products are also famous for their amazing durability. Once dyed, they will last you decades. You won’t be replacing the Aizome bedsheets that often, so they are easy on the skin and on your wallet too. Not to mention, they are the softest bedsheets that I ever touched in my life. No joke.

Funding Campaign Available on Indiegogo!

Go get your Aizome bedding on Indiegogo and sleep like a baby. (Or have a baby-butt, buttery-smooth skin. Or even better, have both!) Sign up for the mailing list and get 15% off your purchase!

<Interview with the co-founder of Aizome Bedding, Ms. Misa Muto>

(In-article, The Millennials™️: TM, Ms. Misa Muto: MM)

TM: Tell me about yourself!

MM: Hello, I’m Misa Muto. I’m a member of Aizome Bedding, a Tokyo-based startup company. We are trying to connect the traditional, Japanese Aizome dying technique with health, especially sleep.
We spend more than 10+years in bed, theoretically speaking. If we could get a better sleep, we would be much healthier. With that thought in mind, we tried to incorporate the Aizome technique along with a healthy way of living. That’s when we came up with the idea of designing the indigo dyed bedding.

TM: What inspired the founder Mr. Michel May to create this product?

MM: First of all, he loves Japan. Second of all, he loves Japanese artifacts and old things like antiques. He often visits antique stalls in the markets. He would often see Noragi (old clothing pieces in Japan) and think how they could be intact and not be torn or worn out after 80+years? Indigo has a deodorizing effect, disinfection effect and it’s durable so it rarely gets damaged. So he focused on those features and wondered if he could make use of that.
Since he used to work at a medical company in Japan, he had a natural interest in people’s health. He realized that we can’t really live without a good sleep and thought how he could incorporate sleep with Japanese tradition. And thus, the idea of indigo bedding was born.
Conventional bedding is dyed with chemical colorings or made from polyester. We are having our sleep on chemicals. Why wouldn’t we substitute our bedding to something natural?

TM: What are your opinions on other similar bedding companies? How different are your products?

MM: I think positively towards other companies. Bedding is not something we buy every day. So, if they sell natural bedding, I would want it.
You may not realize it, but you are what you wear. As soon as I noticed that fact, I was shocked to realize how I was surrounded by polyester for 7-8 hours every day of my life. I’d rather buy something natural, wear natural and be surrounded by natural things.

The difference between other companies is definitely our dye. A lot of companies use organic cotton, but not many use organic dye. We use 100% natural dye and that is very rare.
Also, these days, we started to see a lot of skin problems in young children. We can’t guarantee that all of the conditions will be gone in a wink of sleep without products, but for example, people with severe dermatitis have said that the itchiness they have were somewhat relieved by using our products. We’d like to contribute to the dermatitis prevention and our effort is what makes us stand out among others as well.

TM: What kind of brand would you like to be?

MM: We don’t know yet but….personally speaking, I hate selling things that are useless to people’s lives. Our products have more of a preventative aspect to it rather than a curative aspect. We’d like to prevent people from having skin illness outbreaks and we’d like to support people having a healthy sleep. We’d rather produce something practical than something trendy.

TM: Will you produce other products?

MM: We focus on garments, textile, and clothing. We have a plan to launch clothing pieces as well, but at this point, we plan to produce baby clothing, underwears, and pajamas. Baby’s skin is much weaker and sensitive than ours and so is the skin of genital areas. As for pajamas, as our initial product is related to bedtime, we wanted to continue enhancing the quality of everyone’s sleep.

TM: What’s your long-term plan/objective?

MM: We will launch a campaign on Indiegogo on the 30th April 2018. In the next campaign, we might produce goods mentioned above with Japanese dyers in order to support the local artisans and craftsmen and to support the almost-forgotten Japanese tradition “Aizome”.  We also plan to have products made from other natural dyes.

TM: Please give a message to our readers!

MM: I used to blindly follow the trend of cheap & pretty things until I noticed that on the pursuit of cheap & pretty things, I was sacrificing my health. Our skin doesn’t just absorb the liquids in our cosmetics. Please go ahead and check how your bedsheet was made and how it affects your body.

Have a sound sleep with Aizome Bedding! Funding available on Indiegogo
Want to know more? Go to the Official Website of Aizome Bedding

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