Let’s Make a Village Out of Plastic- Plastic Bottle Village


It is estimated that by 2050, there would be more plastic floating in the ocean than the amount of all the fishes combined. Horrific, don’t you think? Eating plastic.

It All Began with This Man


This is Robert Bezeau. A man originally from Quebec, Canada. One day, he thought it was too cold to continue living in Canada, so he decided to move to Panama.
In Panama, he was involved in various recycling businesses and managed to collect one million plastic bottles. Plastic is greatly consumed in Panama. However, the recycling system is not fully developed. Bezeau wondered, what he could do with all of the collected plastic bottles…And then he came up with a brilliant idea – to build a house.


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Plastic bottles, also known as PET bottles, are flame retardant. They are perfect for use as an exterior wall for buildings.

Let’s Build a House!


How to build a house out of plastic bottles? The steps are very simple actually. Plastic bottles go into a metal cage. Metal cages are connected to other cages, thereby becoming walls. Afterward, all the metal cages, now exterior walls, are covered with cement.

Panama is a country located near the equator. It is a subtropical country where the average temperature is around 30 degrees Celcius all year round. It is impossible to live normally unless the house is air-conditioned. Plastic bottles are filled with air, so they act as insulators. In a plastic bottle house, the difference in temperature of the exterior walls is as large as -17 degrees Celcius.

But what if there is a natural disaster? Tsunami or an earthquake? The house is designed to be earthquake resistant. In a case of tsunami, the cages filled with plastic bottles can be used as floats.

Almost 20,000 bottles are used to build one house. We consume around 14,000-15,000 bottles in our lifetimes. This number shows how unsustainable we are.



You can also make your own custom-made plastic bottle house. The house comes with sewage and water system, earthquake resistance, and fire extinguisher. Caged bottles will be covered in cement, thus, will not get damaged under the direct sunlight.

This type of houses can be constructed in any tropical/subtropical countries. They are low cost and are perfect for warm countries design-wise.

Lego Type Bottle – Best for Construction

The current design by Bezeau is only applicable to round bottles. And that design is not suitable for colder countries.

Below is a new design of a plastic bottle that can be used like LEGO blocks as a constructing material.  Shelters, houses, barns, dog houses, floating houses can be constructed using this unique Lego Type Bottle.



Currently, the Plastic King Robert is actively searching for sponsors in the hopes that his design will become a global standard for plastic bottles.

What if he never collected those one million bottles? All of them would have ended up being in the ocean killing fishes. If anyone is interested in supporting his movement, sign a petition from the below link.

Bezeau has the hope to build a training center so the local people could learn how to build houses by themselves. Someday we will live in a world, where living in a plastic house is as normal as living in a brick house.

Official Webpage of the Plastic Bottle Village

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