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Organic cosmetics are gradually becoming prevalent, but what about construction materials, like a nature-friendly paint maybe? A Smart City cannot exist just on cosmetics. With that thought in mind, I interviewed a Spanish company, Graphenstone, that develops environmentally friendly paint with the help of a leading-edge technology called “Graphene”.

What is Graphene?


Graphene is one of the forms of carbon which is arranged in a hexagonal lattice with the thickness of an atom. In short, it is one of the most advanced nanotechnologies in our time and it is also a research subject that took the Nobel Prize in Physics.
Graphene is a versatile technology that has the durability (200 times stronger than steel), excellent heat conductivity (1000 times faster than conventional carbon) as well as flexibility. Graphene’s paints are structurally supportable at the atomic level by this Graphene technology, so they contribute to the durability and retention of the paint. In other words, they cost less, do not need much repainting, and they practically never crack!

Graphenstone Paints

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Graphenstone has several kinds of product lines, among which included is the signature lime-based paint. It is made from 100% natural, environmentally friendly lime and the paint itself will make your wall look as white as a sheet.

Thanks to the Graphene technology, the paint does not peel off or crack. In addition, Graphenstone’s paint can be used both indoors and outdoors, thus it’s perfect for schools, public facilities, or even hospitals. The above image also shows all the good points of Graphenstone’s paint, but the reason for being ecological lies in that the paint absorbs CO2. It is very economical, actually, because it naturally absorbs CO2 in the process of lime carbonation. Also, since lime itself has bug-repellent and antibacterial effects, it’s the best option to choose if you have kids at home.

My Home is a Tree

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Transform your house into a tree! That’s the campaign that Graphenstone wants you to take part in to change the world. In some countries, people rarely change their wallpapers into a more sustainable one or repaint their walls, and overall people just don’t have an idea of painting the wall with their own hands. Thus, I especially dedicate this campaign to people with zero DIY-motivation and creativity. This is a good opportunity to step out of your bubble and get things done for your health and environment’s sakes.

The final goal is to be able to absorb 14,000 tons of CO2 all over the globe. That’s the equivalent of the amount of CO2 that a million trees absorb in a year. If converted to square kilometers, it equals to approximately the size of Argentina or around 1/3 of Brazil. That’s not bad now is that, considering how shamelessly and mercilessly fast we’re cutting out the precious trees in the entire world EVERY DAY.
Once the humanity starts using Graphenstone’s paints for all of their buildings as well as repainting the walls of already existing buildings, they would achieve the goal within a few weeks.

I truly hope the campaign becomes popular, and in the future, a million trees will become 100 million and more! Let’s go paint the town together!

Graphenstone is the pioneer in integrating the Graphene technology with the natural paint. They received multiple awards and are going strong in the industry.
The Millennials™️ had a chance to interview them. Roll from below!

TM: What motivated or inspired Mr. Antonio Jiménez to build a company that produces an eco-friendly paint?

GR: Antonio’s ambition was always to do his bit to help create a better world in which his children and ours could enjoy a cleaner and healthier environment. After years working in the sector of conventional synthetic paints and thanks to having grown up in an area very rich in lime, he saw the opportunity and the NEED to create a product that not only was not harmful but also actively contributed to the improvement of the quality of the air we breathe. We often forget that paint is a silent witness of all the activities we carry out in our lives. From the room where we sleep, the office where we work, the school where we grow up or the hospital room where our children are born … we live surrounded by paint. Why should we intoxicate ourselves day after day breathing a noxious air?

TM: Have you had any difficulties on materializing the idea of an Eco-friendly paint?

GR: When we bought the first Graphene bag we found that it did not get diluted in the paint. After hundreds of test tubes thrown away, the first graphene polymer is developed after a year of hard work. It is tested in the laboratories of Seville University and the path of Graphenstone starts walking.

TM: What is your future plan as a brand?

GR: In the future, we will continue adapting the materials to the demands of the market and trying to help change the stereotype of the classic sector of toxic paints towards a sustainable and healthy model.

TM: Do you have any plans to expand your business to a larger market e.g., to design other eco-friendly goods using your paint, or to have more distributors around the world or to have branches in other countries?

GR: Graphenstone has distributors in more than 35 countries, and we achieved it in 3-4 years. In that sense, our commercials work hard to keep growing with our technology and innovation can get reach out to every continent and every country. By far, we have the main factory in Spain and 1 in Panama, and we are planning to launch a new factory in Malaysia and Australia in this year.

In addition, the R & D department works to obtain increasingly innovative materials while respecting the circular economy and the environment in order to change all the construction sector, using 100% natural products.

TM: What do you think that makes you stand out among other similar eco-paint companies?

GR: Above all, we can highlight that Graphenstone is the first range of paints and coatings with graphene technology, a unique and innovative product born with an environmental commitment. It controls pollutants, can be used both indoors and outdoors, “becoming the most advanced solution in paints, which also has an ecological component “. Meanwhile, we have the same and even better property of traditional synthetic or eco-friendly paints. Graphenstone is not just eco-friendly or low VOC but it’s 100 % natural and free of VOC emissions.

TM: Could you give a message to the readers of our media? 🙂

GR: We would like you to join our challenging campaign! Imagine being able to turn your home into a tree, a greener space where you can live with better air quality, because that is what Graphenstone intends through our paints that absorb CO2 and purify the environment, turn houses into trees, buildings in gardens and cities in forests. 3 buckets of 15 L of Graphenstone paint absorb the same CO2 as an adult tree in a year,  almost 15 kg of CO2. Let’s change the world! You can do it

Let the world be painted in Graphenstone paints!

Graphenstone Official Website
My Home is a Tree 
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