“Mom, I want to kill you” Pt.2 – Story of Anny –

 Pt. 1

In the end, Anny wasn’t able to get into a public university.  Her school depended on her, her surroundings all depended and hoped she’d get in, but she couldn’t live up to the expectations.

University opened up a whole new world to Anny. Drinking parties, bars, night-outs, clubs, love, hate, so much more. Anny went off limits. But the fun didn’t last long. In order to help the family financially, Anny started working part-time. Mother started treating Anny like a slave. She demanded Anny to pay for the rent, to buy her stuff, Mother would spend all of Anny’s money on luxurious things.

Mother would get into fights in public, would get into trouble with the police… Mother would say she’s the poor one, she’s the one who suffered. Mother would demand others to help her. Then she would get mad at people who helped her. Every day, screaming, yelling, cursing, sending everyone to hell. Every day, the same thing. Anny wanted to move out. She couldn’t take her mother’s insults. Some said Anny had to endure. Some admired how normal Anny was despite being raised in such an environment. No one helped no one.

When Anny was in senior year, she had a nervous breakdown. Plans weren’t going the way Anny wanted, actually, nothing went the way Anny wanted. Anny thought her mother would kill her one day. Anny decided to go to the police and then thought about what might happen to her brother if her mother was taken by the police. Anny was lost.

One day, Anny decided to leave home once and for all. That day, mother became a “stranger” to Anny.

First few months of her new life were a struggle. Friends would visit but eventually, they would leave. And Anny would be alone. Always alone. Anny would often have panic attacks during that period. She was also depressed and didn’t have any will to live. However, Anny, naturally being a tough one, gradually got better as the life stabilized. In 4 months, she was fully recovered and crawled out of her dark cave.

Three years have passed. Anny graduated from University. She found a job she’s passionate about, she moved into a better apartment. Friends who know all of Anny’s past history, are still friends with her. Some left, some new people came into Anny’s life. Anny is satisfied now.

Mother, to Anny, is still a stranger. Anny stopped telling other people about her family. Anny is an only child and her parents live abroad. Everyone is happy.

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