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Zero Waste is a movement that the humanity started taking part in recently.  In this article, we’re gonna tell you how to reduce the food scraps using Biovessel, a stylish indoor composter, and help you achieve zero waste!

What’s a Composter?

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Compost is organic matter that has been decomposed in a process called composting. This process recycles various organic materials – otherwise regarded as waste products – and produces a soil conditioner. Compost is rich in nutrients. (Wikipedia)

Compost is ecological, most of all. Burning the garbage will result in a generation of dioxins and other toxic compounds. Composting will prevent that, and the soil from the composting can be used as fertilizers with many nutrients for gardening or farming. We, human beings, shamelessly throw away a tremendous amount of food garbage every year. Conventional garbage processing isn’t cheap. Nor it is ecological in terms that it produces an enormous amount of greenhouse gas. However, humanity’s trash was Bionicraft’s treasure. Bionicraft had their eyes on our waste.

Simple and Stylish
Biovessel, at Your Disposal

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First and foremost, Biovessel is adorable. The design is simple, integrable with any kitchen and any interior. It’s not tacky, it’s not loud, and it doesn’t require electricity or other special equipment or skills. Biovessel will create an eco-system in the comfort of your own kitchen.
Composters usually require the presence of some bio/micro-organisms aka worms. Seemingly, the idea is not for everyone. However, this smart little thing will not emit any odor, nor it enables the worms to come out of it. The secret is in a structure of the Biovessel. Based on aerodynamics, science, and biochemistry,  Biovessel is designed explicitly for the in-door usage. A group of engineers, scientists, biologists, and architects worked on Biovessel to make it produce a rich soil efficiently.

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Biovessel was born after 20+ months of research on waste composition. Each hole on the lid as well as the smaller holes have significant roles in the process of decomposition. Larger holes are constructed taking golden ration and aerodynamics into account. The shape of Biovessel landed on its present design after numerous trial and errors.

Let’s Compost!

BIOVESSEL - How it works

All you need is soil, worms, water, and raw food waste. You can even add a dash of some old newspapers, and teabags to that too. It is also child-friendly, so why not have a little biology time with your kids at home?
The required time for decomposing on average is from 24-72 hours. It’s a new and convenient way for us to leave a positive footprint behind. Trash it to achieve 0 waste with Biovessel!

For more information on Biovessel, access the Official Website of Bionicraft

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