A Few Words on Bromance

Bromance is: Homosocial relationship between two or more men. Usually do not include sexual relationship.

Basically, a friendly relationship between two (or more), straight men. They hang out together, may know each other very well and may be very good buddies. Apparently, what they have is a bromance. Something like that in a music video of Tim Berg’s  (aka Avicii) Seek Bromance .

When I read the above definition, the first thing I thought was “What the hell is Homosocial”?

Homosocial: a sociological term meaning a relationship that does not involve love or sexual connections.

Hmmm. So why on earth would we have to name a male friendship a “bromance”? Come to think of it, the friendship between girls is weird in its own way and I wonder why men are not allowed to be as grossly close as girls are? Once you give a name to something, it means you are labeling it, and I’m not sure whether it’s a right thing to do or not.

On Wikipedia it says, bromance applies only to straight people. So, what if two gay men do not have a sexual relationship, but are very close? Doesn’t it count as bromance?

All in all, men seldom give light hugs, usually don’t whine for a long time like women do and when men started doing that, society decided to name that relationship a bromance. Why not leave it as best friends? This is common to both sides, male or female. If you have a good friend or a best friend, you can call that relationship a “friendship”.

Other interesting terms are: man date: two men going out together, male bonding: two men hanging out together, womance: women version of bromance.

Male bonding sounds so sexual, I can’t even.

Have a good day, Millennials.


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