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Here on The Millennials, I usually do not write much about tech-related stuff, simply because I am not familiar with them. However, because I am cheap and do not want to pay any money to get apps, I am going to share good, free apps to have in your iPhone. (I did not included apps such as Google Maps, because, duh, who does not have Google Maps? )

-Photo Editing-
I use a map called «Manner Cam» but seems like currently it’s not available at the App Store. You can always find a similar one. Silent camera lets you take pictures without the shutter sound. Good for meetings or for taking pictures in a very silent place, definitely not for peeping/upskirting or voyeurism. 
Amazing app by Google made for editing photos. Many features and most of them are free. This can substitute all the other photo-editing apps. Kind of like Adobe Photoshop but much easier. 
This app is not as popular as it should be and when I discovered this app, I was tremendously happy to see all the unique features to make your picture grungy and film-y. Here you can put dust on your photo, put grains on your photo and make it look grungy and very 90s-esque. 
One and only app for inputting words to your picture with different fonts. You can also download a font from Internet and use it on this app. Very useful for making logos, for it’s feature to make a transparent images. 
There are tons of picture-blurring apps, but I use this one. Useful to have one when you want to blur/pixelate the background or something you want to hide. 
For the kids who absolutely love those 90’s home videos. This app enables you to take videos in retro style! There are  a few in the App Store, but most of them were not updated or had bugs and didn’t work well. This one hasn’t betrayed me yet. 
Depends on where you live, but if you have a monthly limit of mobile data usage on streaming and browsing (in Japan 7~30GB/month), then this app  helps you to know how much data is left for you to use this month. I use a cute bunny-rabbit one that can be downloaded from here. 
Amazing household accounts managing app where you can check all the transactions from most of the banks on the market, credit card transactions, point cards and many more. Security is top notch and so far, I never had any problems with them. It’s also been selected as an Editor’s Choice on the App Store, so here you go, trust me, and get this app now. 
If you live in Japan, get this one. It will send you info on earthquakes, important government notices and, in general, important emergency notifications. You can localize the notifications so the app will send you info based on where you live. Also you can choose what kind of info you would like to receive, e.g., you may want to receive info on earthquakes but not on a heavy rain warning. During summer time, it will send you heat shock alarms as well. If there is an app like NYC local government app or any kind of app that lets you know about the neighborhood, I suggest getting it for the safety reasons. 
4. Storage/Cloud Apps
I use OneDrive. Initially, I hated these kind of apps because I didn’t trust the system of a «cloud storage». Then I had to use it for my work and now I can’t live without it, because you can access your important documents no matter where you are and no matter what device you may be using! 
This app is purely awesome. If you don’t give a damn about what people ate or drank or where they went and what they did (facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and want to have inspiring, beautiful and informative images only, then this app is for you. Kind of artists-oriented, I’d say. This app is amazing for the daily dose of inspiration: you can select which category you are interested in, and then Pinterest automatically shows you the related images without having to connect to people. There is no individuality here, no personal information. That’s what makes this app amazing and different from other social apps. 
Similar to Pinterest, but has more of a collective scene in it. Tumblr is more like a community for people who like and share the same interest. They can post blog articles, images, videos and other informations and connect to the people who like the same thing as them. More like a fandom type thing. 
This one app is enough. The recipes there are short, easy and delicious! You can find vegan menus, desserts, ethnic menus and many, many more recipes. If you live in Japan, you may come across some ingredients that are difficult to find in Japan, but nonetheless, I highly recommend this app because of the amount of recipes it has and the easiness of them. 
I wish I could say I traveled all around the globe, but unfortunately, not yet. I’ve been to a lot of countries in Asia so I will share some of the useful apps I always use when traveling. 

Juggle around the above apps to find the cheapest air ticket and hotels. Most of the tickets and hotels from my trips were booked on either of the above apps. I had no problem with booking and am satisfied to this day. Pictures of hotels are exaggerated so don’t expect anything luxurious unless you are staying at a 5-star hotel. Don’t forget to read the reviews before booking, check what kind of amenities they have in the room (one time I remember there were no shampoo or tooth brush in my room) and to check the availability of breakfasts. is great because when you book a hotel there, you’ll be able to download an image that says ” I want to go to «your hotel»  «address» ”  in the native language. This is helpful when you are lost or when you want to show the image to the taxi driver. 

2. Apps for the Each Airplane Companies 
This is important because: you can check the mileage and can purchase air tickets using miles, you can do online check-in prior to your flight, change trip info, can directly book a flight from the airplane company. 
3. Packing-List app
One time, I went abroad and forgot to bring underwear. Another time, I left home without a passport. Both of the stories are true: I had to go to a local h&m to buy shorts. As for the passport, while walking to the station, I suddenly got the miraculous urge to check if I brought passport with me and I discovered that I left it at home. In any case, have a packing list, and include everything in that list things you tend to forget. 
4. Currency Converting Apps 
Very useful abroad when local currency is difficult to convert into the familiar one of your countries. I use it even when I am home in Japan while checking on the prices for hotels and air tickets. 
That’s it for the apps, hope this helped and stay tuned for more!

Don’t forget to update the Apps, Millennials.


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