Packing for an overseas trip 101

Here in this article, let me tell you, once and for all, the ultimate travel-essentials and non-essentials.

This will include basics, underwear (because one time I forgot to bring my underwear, true story), and will let you know of the things that are useless contra to the popular belief and which I no longer take with me.
Basics (Things that I have forgotten to bring and would very much like you not to forget )
!Underwear, Passport, Wallet, Cellphone!
It’s not a big deal if you’re staying in a big city where you can purchase underwear easily. However, if you’re in a savannah, I hardly think they have H&M there. These four things should always be close to you. In some countries, Always carrying a passport with you!  is mandatory and if you don’t have an ID with you, you might even get arrested. (China has a law for the foreigners to always carry passports with them) As for the wallet, separate it from the one you use in your native country and the one you use abroad. You can carry a small amount of cash and a credit card. Please have a spare credit card in a different, secure place. A cell phone is another important piece in our modern world. My friend once forgot her cellphone abroad in a taxi, but fortunately, she was able to get it back. A very rare, lucky case. Constant vigilance is important when you’re traveling. Passport, wallet and your cellphone are THE MOST important. If you have at least three of those things, you are not totally fucked up even in the emergency situation.
Suitcases and bags should be sized within the regulation measurements  (Better TSA-locked)
If you frequently fly to the States, have TSA-locked suitcases. When entering the States, your suitcases may be opened and inspected. If you have locks on them, they MAY be broken in order to search your damn suitcase. TSA-lock prevents the personnel from breaking your lock because every staff has the key to the TSA lock. It can only be opened by the TSA staff, so check for the TSA mark when purchasing bags and suitcases. (From my experience, as far as I believe, my suitcases have never been opened)
Now, size matters. (That’s what she said) Usually, all the major suitcase companies have the regulated size suitcases, so you should not worry about it. A problem arises when it comes to the carry-on bags. Please check in advance, 1) how many bags you can bring with you on board and 2) how many kg they should weigh.  It’s totally ridiculous to pay the charge for having heavy luggage. Do your research before packing.
Some Optional Things You May Want to Put in Your Luggage
A separate TSA lock, number-locked padlock, charger, plug adapter, an eye-mask, medicines, overseas wallet, spare phone, spare glasses/ contact lenses.
I purchased a separate TSA lock when I lost my key for the suitcase-inbuilt TSA lock. You don’t need this if you are well organized. A padlock is for emergency reasons, but I have never used it. An iPhone charger cord is always with me as I get a new one each time I buy a new iPhone. I save them separately and take them with me on trips. A plug adapter is a must as some hotels don’t lend it. (Most do though, but it’s small and does not take up space so why not have it?)
Eye-masks are always distributed on board and I save them. Medicine that I usually bring are painkillers, pills that prevent motion sickness, and meds for my stomach and digestion. Those are a must.
Wallets should be monotone-colored, and simple, should not be glamorous, big, and pop-colored: they will attract attention.
Spare phones can be those little prepaid, disposable phones that work with the SIM card.
Now, if you have bad eyesight and can’t have a normal life without some kind of vision-correcting equipment, then I can’t emphasize how important it is to have another set of glasses or a few spare pairs of contact lenses. I, myself, cannot function without either of them and if my glasses get broken overseas and I don’t have a replacement, I’m busted: I doubt I’ll be able to fly back home because the world is a total blur without my glasses. So, to prevent that disaster, always have separate sets of glasses or whatever vision-assists you use.
Some Optimal Amenities You May Want to Have in a Small Travel Bag
Facial washing net, emergency blanket, band-aids, toothpaste & toothbrush, body sponge, solid soap, nail clippers, a hairbrush & a hair tie, duster for the clothes, antiseptic gel, sewing kit, shaver, shower cap, basic makeup stuff and their samples
Above contents in the small traveling bag are all supplementary, in case they are not provided in the hotel. (The facial net is an exception) Usually, you don’t use this traveling bag and can leave it in your suitcase after each travel until the next one.
Non-essentials. You don’t need these
Suitcase covers, pajamas, slippers, needless or excess amount of makeup & hair products, hair irons, accessories
Once and for all, please remember that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BRING THE WHOLE HOUSE/ROOM ON YOUR TRIP.  Luggage must be light and small.
Suitcase covers are cute, I get it. But most of the time, they are just plain annoying because they don’t fit. Suitcases have different shapes and location of a handle is different to each one. Suitcase covers do not consider that. Suitcases are designed to be water-resistant and strong. That’s what they are for in the first place, to protect your stuff! It’s no use to protect the outside of the suitcase. You have to protect the inside.
Pajamas just take up space in your luggage. 1-2 sets are enough. If you are traveling alone, 1 set is enough and no one would freak out if you wore the same pajama for the whole week. You may not even have to take it with you: most of the lux hotels have robes. I have never needed slippers either. (Unless you use them in the airplane)
Makeup products should be substituted with sample versions. International flights have a limit of liquid that you can carry on board. Also, I don’t want the products to leak in my luggage. So, if you can, try to put all the liquids in vinyl bags. Hair irons? Are you kidding me? Accessories: if you have an important event to attend abroad and want to glam up, make sure you won’t lose them, but overall I do not recommend.
Useful Things When Packing 
Little cotton handbags that you get at events and such (Better if can be folded)
I’m sure you have an experience of being in a totally lame event and returning from it with a gift bag of sorts. Those cotton-thin baggies are perfect for packing. They don’t get torn like plastic bags, can be used as handbags, and are overall good for separating underwear from other clothes.
Little traveling bags/pouches
Here you will put all sorts of things other than clothes. You put liquid in vinyl bags, female stuff/makeup/passports/tech stuff and all kinds of different little things in separate bags. (Imagine different, little pouches)
Packing Tip
If you can, try to have some empty space in your suitcase so you can bring back souvenirs or other things from your trip. Usually, when traveling for a short period, I carry 1 handbag and 1 suitcase on my way to the destination and on my way back, 1 handbag, 1 suitcase and another traveling bag.
NEVER TRAVEL WITH 2 OR MORE SUITCASES. It’s too heavy to drag around and you’ll die exhausted from carrying it.
NEVER TRAVEL WITH TRAVEL BAGS THAT DO NOT ROLL. Same reason as previously stated.
Again, travel light! Can’t say enough. (If you are a backpacker, business-traveler, or traveling with other specific reason, some may not apply to you. In any case, think what is essential and what is not and make your own packing list. )
For overseas travel advice, click here.

Have a safe trip, and have a nice flight, Millennials.


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