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Season 1 is almost half finished! This time, The Wide Window, the 5th episode in the Netflix version of ASOUE series and the first half of the original book “The Wide Window”.

  • First of all, the beginning. Lachrymose News’ s studio scene. A grossly obvious number written in the front of the desk is 13. I don’t know whether it is a tribute to the fact that the original novel is composed of 13 volumes or whether they just wanted to use 13 as a symbol of bad luck. Throughout the Netflix version, a lot of symbols on Jewdaism and secret organizations can be seen, so I might as well dig deeper later. Also, the shape of the Lake Lachrymose is the shape of the VFD logo. The female caster is Vincent Fig Demetrios (VFD) and the male caster is also called Victoria – VFD. In the news, the newscaster says “good people were poisoned.” (Gustav and many others?) Poison also has a very important meaning throughout the ASOUE series. By the way, the taxi ‘s license plate was “67 7 63”.


  • Now the nervous aunt Josephine. She seems to be adventurous when she was young, but something happened that changed her and I don’t mean Ike’s death. Also, the “library” of this episode will be Josephine’s library in her house.
  • Ike had a special skill to whistle while having a cracker in his mouth. … Wut? In fact, Beatrice, the beloved person of Lemony Snicket, and mother of Baudelaires had the same ability.
  • In the original novel, aunt Josephine is said to be Violet, Klaus, and Sunny’s second cousin’s sister-in-law. Gregor is Ike’s brother, who doesn’t appear in the Netflix version.
  • Well, I will return to the story. Josephine shows a map to the Baudelares. An island named “Chartreuse Island” is floating on the lake. Chartreuse is a French liquor sometimes called the queen of liquors.


  • In this episode, Olaf is disguised as Captain Sham. Captain Sham’s full name is Julio Sham. As we can see his initials are JS just like Jacques Snicket and Jacquelyn Sciezka. The word “sham” itself means “something is false or misleading”. A perfect name for Olaf!


  • Next, in a scene where Lemony is walking through the city, you can see a shop called “Memento Morris’ Souvenirs”. Memento already has a meaning of a “souvenir” in the first place, so not only it is a play on words, but also “Memento Mori” in Latin, which means “remember you will die”, is actually a motto in a Prufrock Prep, a school that appears in the season 2.
  • Now the scene where Larry the waiter and Olaf were having a chat was a little bit cluttered. Larry said to Olaf, something along the lines of “I thought I wouldn’t see you again after that unpleasantness with Mr. Snicket (Lemony?)”. I wonder what kind of unpleasantness it was. Then he goes on that the Baudelaire children should have been taught about VFD and started training years ago. In addition, Olaf thought that the children were with Snicket (Lemony?)  whereas Larry thought that Snicket (Lemony) had been dead. By the way, I can see a candy store on the background with a sign that says “Vastly Flavorful Desserts”. VFD! Finally, Larry blurts out aunt Josephine’s name and Olaf gets to know where the children are. 


  • While auntie is shopping in the city, a lady selling dill shouts “Very Fresh Dill”, another VFD. Daniel Handler, the author of the ASOUE series is selling the fish heads next to the dill-selling lady.
  • From the conversation between Josephine and Olaf, we understand that Olaf knew both of them from before as well as Ike’s cause of death. Well, it’s only natural if they all have been members of the same secret organization. 


  • In the end, we see a scene where someone’s parents are decoding the telegram. On top of the telegram, it says “Very Far Distant” Telegram, which is another VFD. The message can be decoded as “You can not lock up the barn after the horses are gone”. The numbers above are, 16, 5, 18, 21 and, I’m almost sure, means PERU. Someone’s parents say “We have three children …”, which may very well mean the three Baudelaires…but we’ll see.
  • While awaiting the return of Josephine, she manages to leave a will and commit suicide. Lemony mentions she’s not dead YET and that’s where the episode ends.

Where has Josephine gone?

By the way, Josephine mentions Thorton Wilder’s playwright “Our Town” somewhere in the episode, which I forgot to include in the article. T. Wilder’s is a real-life novelist who received three Pulitzer Prizes.

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