【Movies】5 World’s Most Boring Movies【Monday】

In this article, I am going to tell you about the most boring movies I know in Hollywood history so you won’t waste your money and time on them. (All of them are boring, so they are listed in no particular order)

  1. Escape from Tomorrow (2013)

It’s an infrequent phenomenon for me to become sleepy while watching a movie. And my almost falling asleep less than halfway through the film, explains how boring this movie was. All scenes were shot in the famous theme park in California that starts with a letter “D,” and without permission. On the official website, they used to have a clock counter that showed how much time had passed without their being sued by the company that owns the theme park. Interesting idea; however, the website has been already shut down. The idea of shooting a film without permission, all black & white is, indeed, appealing, but the plot is disastrous and does not make any sense. The plot did have a twist in the end, but the twist itself didn’t mean much. If you check the movie-review websites like IMDb, you may find some interpretations of the ending, but I say it’s not worth it. The entire movie is not worth your money or time.

  1. Burn After Reading (2008)

Produced by the Coen brothers who are famous for producing Fargo, The Big Lebowski, No Country for Old Men, etc.
This movie surprisingly was given 7.0/10 stars on IMDb, and I am not liking that. First of all, the chick who is trying to get plastic surgery is annoying from the beginning to end, Brad Pitt did an excellent job playing a dumb character who is also second to none for being annoying. Brad, here, was entirely different from the role in Angelina Jolie’s movie, By the Sea; that is explainable and understandable considering the fact he’s an actor. Anyway, this movie did not strike me as attractive in any way, and I do not recommend it.

  1. Heaven Knows What (2014)

This movie is based on a real story about a junkie girl living in NYC. Typical, very predictable, nothing special. The girl is a junkie, she falls in love with a douche-bag Russian guy who treats her like shit. Arielle Holmes who played herself in the movie starred in a different film called American Honey, which I like way better. Go watch American Honey, but not this one.

  1. Frances Ha (2012)

Greta Gerwig, who portrayed an impulsive and restless dancer with a dream to go to France, did her job almost so well that it irritated me throughout the whole movie. The main character does not know what she wants, her friends are fed up with her and her being a restless and nervous girl makes it even worse. Basically, a movie about nothing. All shot in black & white and the review on IMDb was unexpectedly good, 7.4/10. Not my cup of tea though.

  1. Paranormal Activity Series

When the first one came out, it did look interesting because of its mockumentary way of shooting. Then they dragged it out too long expanding it for 6 movies. That’s just too long. I don’t even know if it’s completed yet. Is it? I watched a few films in the series, also a few parodies, and now it’s all so complicated and difficult to follow the course of events. And the saddest part is that the series is not even scary….


  1. The Room (2003)

This is a masterpiece. The 6th section of this article is dedicated to “the most boring, poorly made, most horrible movie in the entire Hollywood history”. I was so excited to see this because I knew of its bad reputation, and after I watched it, I LOVED IT. It’s so poorly done that it’s almost hilarious. Also, the plot is just too messed up and does not make sense at all. It does make sense, but there are so many plot holes. Lines, the way they shot the movie, props, music, everything is so bad. The Room was directed and produced by a man called Tommy Wiseau, the one on the above poster, actually, who also happens to play the leading role. Nothing is known about him, at least publicly, except for the fact that he is a Polish-American. He has a mysterious appearance, funny way of talking and is entirely out of touch with the real world. But, please trust me on this one, you’ll love it.

PS: Later on after the release of the movie, Greg Sestero, who played Mark in the film wrote a book called “The Disaster Artist.” I read it, and I laughed and cried so hard. Based on the book, they made a movie as well, which was released in 2017 starring the Franco brothers as the two main characters. In the book, you can actually get to know more about the mysterious Tommy, but I’m not going to spill the beans here. Go ahead, watch the movie, then read the book, and it will all make sense.

Have a movie night, Millennials!


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