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Cloud Atlas (2012)
IMDb 7.5/10
This movie, directed by the Wachowski sisters (brothers, in the past), is a nearly 3-hour major SF movie that was released in 2012. Amazing CGI, great actors, and a very complicated plot makes this movie impressive and worth watching. This is NOT a bed-time, nice and cozy movie.

Timelines in the plot are as below
1. Pacific Islands, 1849
2. Cambridge / Edinburgh, 1936
3. San Francisco, 1973
4. London, 2012
5. Neo Seoul, 2144
6. Big Isle, 106 winters after The Fall, 2321
Actors that appear in all of the 6 chapters are as below
1. Tom Hanks
2. Halle Berry
3. Hugo Weaving
4. Jim Sturgess
5. Hugh Grant
So, to comment on the various timelines: you won’t be able to easily find the casts in each timeline because of the amazing makeup, unique characters and the way they act. (Tom Hanks being blonde was odd though) It can be seen just from the makeup, how much the production put into this movie and how well they tried to create the different world and the characters in them. Hugo Weaving appeared in the Matrix series as Agent Smith, as well as The Lord of the Rings, Transformer, and on a low-budget film about poop called “The Mule”.
The king of romantic comedies, Hugh Grant, can be seen too. It’s a truly star-studded movie.
Personally, I like the Neo Seoul in 2144 with the futuristic Seoul city and all the clones. Cambridge story in 1936 is also heartbreaking and is very good in portraying two gay men.
Movie itself, I repeat, is very good, but also can be very difficult to watch for a first time. If you try to locate who is who, then you’ll get confused later on, but you can’t ignore who is who, because everyone gets reincarnated, which is very important to the plot. Apparently, there is an original novel to this movie and whoever came up with the idea is a genius.
The important idea in the movie is “eternal return”. It’s a Nietzchean idea, originally, meaning that the same experience will be experienced again and again. The difference from deja vu is that deja vu is the misinterpretation of an experience you never had. Here is a bit different. You do experience something and it goes on and on coming back to you again and again for Eternity.
In the end, it has a happy ending. You’ll get exhausted after completing watching it. Along with a movie like Interstellar, this is one of the best SF movies in our century.

Have a good movie-night, Millennials.


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