【Thirsty】That Teaser Tootsie【Thursday】

Damn, she’s such a teaser…

Teaser girls (or boys) are … smart? Annoying? Controversial? Stupid? Flaky?

Teaser girls, in my opinion, are the kind of girls who slightly carry the vibes of basic bitches, all pretty and shit, but who know their prices.

I’m not going to judge whether it’s bad or good to be a teaser, but I think we all can learn a thing or two from them when it comes to socializing.
Yes, teasing people is not a good idea. Playing with feelings – hurtful. But occasionally, the techniques those teasers use, are applicable even to business.

For example, say, the way they keep in touch with people. They never answer on time, always reply late, don’t answer phones…And when they finally reply, they can be so sweet it will melt you right there immediately. Teasers are also very sociable and flirty. And they know all the nuances and lines that they should not cross easily.

As I am writing this, I sort of thought that teasers remind me so much of French girls. Nonchalant, carefree…chic & mysterious. Occasionally selfish, but are sweet like tarts.

So basically, “teasers” are those who “gets”. If you get it, you get it. If you don’t get it, you don’t. That type of attitude is the core.

If you have a teaser-friend, please ask for their comment on why they became that way and leave a comment here too.

Be playful, Millennials


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