【Thirsty】Fancy a Forbidden Fruit?【Thursday】

I had my first, steady relationship when I was 15. He was older than me by 30 years or so. (This is a fiction and, to be honest, it’s already too late to sue us)

I said I was 15, but practically I was 16, birthday-wise. So, fortunately, I didn’t get to experience the disgust of losing my virginity at the age of 15. Not that losing one’s virginity at 15 is bad, I mean, I don’t really care about other people’s first-times. It’s just, for me personally, losing it at the age of 15 felt too early. I don’t know why I felt that way. Losing it at 16 and losing it at 15 seemed to have a big difference. That opinion of mine hasn’t changed to this day.

He was a “public official”, which what made our relationship “forbidden”. He wasn’t supposed to fall for me and neither was I. Why him? Why someone old enough to be my father? No idea. Maybe I was suffering from an Oedipus complex, maybe I was just bored. Or perhaps, I wasn’t being too picky. Now that I think about it, I want to ask HIM the same question. Why on earth, did you fuck a 16yo schoolgirl?


The answer to the above question may very well be this: It felt good to have a mature adult as your boyfriend. Daddy issues they say. I was a stupid teenager, and he just took advantage of it.
It’s like that girl from the American Beauty…what was her name? Angela Hayes. She, a blonde bombshell, fragile and naive, seduces Jane’s dad. Lester was a typical nothing-special old bore, a slave to the company and his family, and Angela felt ecstatic twisting him around her fingers.
Until the critical moment, where she confessed that she’s a virgin. In the end, that movie portrayed Angela as an innocent, ordinary teenager.

Surprisingly, I didn’t give a shit about losing my virginity to a “daddy”. I was so sure I’ll marry him someday and live happily ever after.

The reason why he fell for me is still a mystery that I sometimes talk over with my friends, but my guess is, he just wanted to fuck a 16yo girl and that’s it. There’s no way finding the truth now. As I said, I’d love to ask him if I had a chance.

Not only he was a public official, he was also married. And that doesn’t make things any better if you’re wondering. His family was a mess but hadn’t his family been a mess, he wouldn’t have even glanced at me. (There’s a slight possibility that he had a problem in his hypothalamus)
In that sense, he was a troubled public official. What public official isn’t troubled anyway? Troubled public officials still can get work and get to fuck a teenager. That’s a kind of world we’re living in.

Ironically, our relationship lasted longer than any other relationship I’ll have later in my life. We broke up because of irreconcilable differences and also because I simply fell for another guy.

He threatened me that he’s going to kill himself and blah blah. Sadly, to this day, he’s well and nicely alive. No one perhaps has pointed this out, but dumped guys are grossly pathetic. Their extreme possessiveness is just nuts, their selfishness and egocentricity is just low. People show their true nature when things don’t go their way.

As for me, I didn’t have time to deal with some despairing daddy. So, I went ahead and found myself another dude. By the way, in addition to the fact that he’s alive, he’s still unhappily married.


So far, this was all a fiction. Don’t believe a word of it. Now, let me comment on the forbidden love.

Forbidden love is forbidden for a reason. It’s annoying and requires a lot of work. The issue in forbidden love is not the AGE, but the STATUS. There are tons of couples with age difference.
Apart from that, rather the status of “being married”, “a teacher”, “a police officer”, “office romance”, “a politician”, “a CEO”, “a criminal”, “a friend’s partner”…that’s what counts.

If you want to maintain your forbidden relationship, the important thing is to hide the evidence. (And by this, I’m not supporting a criminal act or anything, I’m merely giving my advice. Forbidden love may not necessarily be illegal.) For example, saving receipts or making sure not saving them, not sending a message to a wrong recipient, being careful in the meeting places, you name it. Tying up loose ends requires a bit of psychology, cunningness, and boldness.

However, my ultimate advice for having an affair with someone you shouldn’t is: you shouldn’t. It’s a waste of time, waste of your mental energy and it’s not long-lasting.

Love ought to be thin & long. Not thick & short. A passionate love affair is passionate only in the beginning. The thrilling feeling, the drive, the mystery, secrets and the notion of it urges you to go further and deeper. But that will not last forever. Everything has an ending or a “cooling down”. A passionate love affair is destructive. One side will start demanding the clarification of the relationship and another side gets sick of it.

I don’t know on what basis, but people who are in a relationship with a married person, tend to think that their loved one will break up with the spouse. On The Millennials™️, we have an article suggesting not getting high hopes on people in general, but some people seem to not get it. The probability of a person who spent more than half of his life married to someone getting a divorce just because of some affair on the side is almost 0.

Some just steal love from friends. Some cheat. Life is complicated. Human beings are dumb and sinful. From morally wrong but legal affairs to full-blown illegal relationships, we’re human beings are diverse and driven by lust. I assure you forbidden love is happening right now, in one of the rooms in the Trump Tower in Manhattan or somewhere in a love hotel in Tokyo.

If you know you’ll get hurt, why do it in the first place? But on the other hand, life gets better with experiences.

Remember, there is no happiness at the end of the forbidden love road. Forbidden things are forbidden for a reason. After all, Eve was kicked out of Eden for doing what she wasn’t supposed to do and that was the beginning of an end.

Sinful and forbidden pleasures are like poisoned bread; they may satisfy the appetite for the moment, but there is death in them at the end, Millennials


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