【Thirsty】Do We Really Need the Valentine’s Day?【Thursday】

Valentine’s Day… Do we really need it?

All the couples around the world struggle to reassure their love but Japanese and foreigners celebrate it differently (See later, below)

First and foremost, do we really need to reassure and confirm the feelings towards each other? I mean, we’re together because we love each other, aren’t we? Valentine’s day is now more of a commercial event to sell gift cards, chocolates and flowers. In my opinion, everyone should celebrate and reassure their love on a daily basis, but definitely not, solely, on a day that comes only once a year. If you think, your relationship has cooled down and you want more spice, then why don’t you take your partner out to a nice dinner? If you’re a married couple, why not leave your kids with someone and have a nice alone time with your partner? Everything is possible if you put effort, money and time in it.

In Japan, usually the woman gives chocolates to men, and the man gives something in return on White Day (March 14th). In addition, there is a ridiculous idea of giving chocolates to bosses, colleagues, acquaintances. (Girichoko, Giri meaning an obligation/duty; choko, chocolate). And for what? To insinuate to someone that you don’t have any feelings for and don’t really care for, but will give chocolates to because you don’t want to be a rude person? This is arrogant. After all, it’s Giri (Obligatory) chocolate.

Please don’t fall for this commercial trap; please love your partners on a regular basis, not occasionally.

I love you, Millennials.


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