【Thirsty】Love, Part.1【Thursday】

In this article for Thirsty Thursday, we will be writing about love. Let’s start with the definition of love.

There is obviously the love between two people. There is also a self-love, love for family, love for your neighbors, love for your friends, love towards what you do for a living or for your hobby, and then there is also a twisted love.

Self-love: Pretty self-explanatory, it’s a love for yourself. Self-love is to care about yourself and your body, to know your value, to know what you deserve and don’t deserve, to let yourself take a break when you’re exhausted, to know your strengths and weaknesses, to never push yourself to an edge, to never let yourself be in a dangerous position, and to know your limits. That is self-love. When you can pamper yourself, you do that. When you have to be tough on yourself, you do that. Don’t let anyone hurt you literally or figuratively.

Love for your family: To have the love for your parents who love you unconditionally. (Objections sustained, there are parents that don’t deserve love from their kids). But, all in all, if you have a more or less normal family, please love your parents/guardians/relatives/other important people who are equivalent to you as a family member because they raised you, fed you, kept you warm and supported you, although you might have been noisy, never listened to them, sucked up too much money, and in the end, went on your own way in life. A parent is a human being too. In their lives, they may not have cared about you as much as you wanted them to. Maybe they wanted to prioritize their dreams or plans in life or wanted to spend money on themselves, but instead, they sacrificed their time for you. So, love on love. Nowadays families are diverse too. Maybe your parents are your foster parents, maybe they are not your blood relatives, single parents, grandpas, and grandmas, parents with the same sex, or parents with a big age gap, in any case, show your love to the people who brought you up.

Love for the neighbor: A lot of people avoid trouble. Even I help people only when 1) I have time, 2) feel like it, 3) want to make something right, and 4) understand the situation and would like to be helped if I was in their shoes. I do not help people only because I am a philanthropist or because I am just kind. There is a famous Parable (teachings of Jesus) of the Good Samaritan. I do not go into the actual Parable, but the whole moral of this story is not just to help, but to help everyone without discriminating.

Love for friends: Friends helped me a lot in my life. They helped me when I had a nervous breakdown and they helped me when I was broke (they took me to eat, they introduced me to some work etc.) Everyone has their own life and some of my friends are already out of Tokyo or even out of Japan. Love for friends is the love to keep in touch with the friends you have now, but also to let go of the friends you don’t have anything in common anymore. A lot of people cannot do this, these days.

Love for things/hobby and your furry friends: please use all kinds of things with care. Also, as they say, you get what you pay for. Don’t buy low-quality cheap versions of the things you use for a long time. Don’t litter things, keep everything and everywhere clean. Things you no longer need can be sent to a secondhand store or simply sent to recycling. A lot of things can be donated as well: clothes, shoes, books, tech stuff, DVDs, hair (YES, hair! If you have long hair, you can donate it), bags, blood, sperm and so on. Make it your habit to donate things. Be someone who can let go of things, Things are just things. Remember that you cannot own everything that is out there in the world. Having too many things in your life will not bring you happiness. Being materialistic is not a bad thing, but owning too much sometimes brings you troubles.
If you have a pet, then you would know how much he/she means to you. A pet is a family member, it’s a relaxation, it’s an irreplaceable and invaluable animal.
If you have a hobby or a job that you can love, that’s awesome. Keep it up, never give up, continue to do productive things that will take you high in your life.

Twisted kind of love: It’s a question whether to put this in a category of love, but, what the hell? Society created this notion of “twisted love”. Fancying something and loving it are totally different things. Necrophiles love dead bodies. Pedophiles love small children. Is that love? Lust? Sexual habits? Or a psychiatric illness? This is a question of morality and whether this will be a crime or not.
However, there are people who live with sex dolls, people who got married to walls and towers, people who have sex with their own car. They may never cause a threat to the society and they live in their own bubble. They are hard to understand, but what they are feeling may be no different to what we feel toward other human beings. They are happy. Can you call that love? Or you call that a perversion?

In the next article, we will talk more about love according to different countries.

Love and be loved, Millennials


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