【Thirsty】Love, Part.3 ~Fin~【Thursday】

In the past two articles, we covered a bit about love.
Pt.1 here and Pt. 2 here
Here in the last article, I shall comment on love comprehensively and finish this theme.

First, let me put aside the debate that the feeling of love is purely for reproduction. Also, let me not get into people like sociopaths and psychopaths who seem to be having difficulty understanding the notion of love.

Human beings, in a very deep place in our hearts, have a common hope to be loved. That may be some kind of a need for approval, maybe a hope to fill the loneliness, a hope to have a special someone you can rely on, or a hope to create a better world with someone who shares the same value as you. Or even love maybe something just to kill time with.
We can live alone, no problem. We can work, earn money, have a hobby and live without troubles or problems and feel happiness. And to some, this is just enough.
But love, is such a tricky feeling, that when you feel love, your brain will remember it for the rest of the life. Love starts with “having someone on one’s mind”. Then it grows to something a bit larger, then it changes to “liking” someone and then to “loving”.
In our modern world, love has become some kind of a spice to our mundane life. Love is a status on Facebook, is a relief for boredom, and is sometimes misconceived as lust. Love has become very cheap. Primarily, love is supposed to be something calm, deep, eternal that spreads through the world beyond gender, social norms, society, law, life & death, age etc.

So, the modern idea to put a value or a price on love may, in the future, banish the idea of love itself. That is what I fear. Despite my above, love is not just a relief for boredom, it is not the need for approval, definitely not the number of likes you get, not the mortgage or guarantee or the source of money.

Love is to accept, to be beside, to have the person in your heart, to think about that person wherever you may be, and to hope for the best in that person’s life even after you may separate. Love is to care for the other one as much as you care for yourself, to respect the other person, to have a common understanding when being in a relationship and to love long and deep. (Not short and shallow)

After all, human relationships are not forever. Either person will go sometime. You never know when the timing. As you grow old, and as you spend more time with the partner, you may simply get tired of the daily life together. And I understand that and I think that is something very natural. Life has ups and downs. You may not love your partner every second of the time you spend together, but if you have an everlasting flame burning warm inside your heart, you’ll want to live with your partner till death parts you from each other.

Love your partners, Millennials.


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