【Thirsty】Who’s Supposed to Pay on a First Date?【Thursday】

Question. Who’s supposed to pay on a first date and who’s supposed to pay for everything ANYWAY while you’re in a relationship?

Answer. The one who’s making more money. OR, some may it should be separated equally.

The basis of the infamous stereotype of a man’s paying is that a woman “gives birth, has period & PMS, takes time to prepare for the first date, and wears makeup, all of which costs her more money and time than men”. Some think that men should pay because “men put food on the table”. Some think that it’s a shame to assume to a man cannot take care of his date. (Strangely, this applies to women as well…….)

To draw a line, between paying and not-paying, I think, at least on a first date, the one who asked could pay for it. Grownups are all different, and I say, grownups, because when you were a teenager it didn’t matter who paid; you were excited just to be with someone.
Now that you’re an adult, you have bills to pay and different things you have to take care of. So, before you jump into a serious relationship, talk over the money issue. If you talk over to what extent you can pay, then there won’t be a “someone always gets away without paying” issue.

Okay, now what about students? As for the students, there are tons of date options that are healthy, low-cost and even sometimes free. You can stay home and cook, go to museums, chill in the park (All of these options apply to adults too!!!!!)
No matter what kind of status you have, if you are a student just split the bill and don’t sweat. Or the one who gets more pocket money from parents should sometimes pay the bill.

After all, it’s about a balance. If you think your loved one is always paying for you, why not take over sometimes? It makes your loved one happy too, and you feel good. Also, don’t be terrified to bring up the topic of money. Actually, don’t be terrified to do anything. You have the right. You own it. So just have that talk. I don’t know why, but there are so many couples who can’t TALK.

Love each other, Millennials.


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