【Thirsty】Beautiful Breakups【Thursday】

“I feel happiest when I’m together with my loved one”.

Is it so? Yes, it may be. If you love each other, you want to spend every second with your loved one. Everything you do together is fun, happy and filled with positivity. (Especially the first 1-2 months, so-called the honeymoon period) Seems like nothing can tear you two apart, and you might even consider getting a twin tattoo.

But one day, I thought to myself, what if the most beautiful thing in the world is not the couple in love, but the couple that just broke up? And not the couple that broke up fighting, but the couple that broke up because of the “irreconcilable difference”. Meaning, you love each other, but you have to break up because that’s the most reasonable and the best action in the situation you are both in.

Talking that talk that you want to break up is not a nice talk. No matter the reasons, both sides will get hurt and the dumped one usually ends up being more hurt than the other one. They might think “why breaking up?”, doubting their partner whilst still having the burning fire in their hearts. They don’t want to break up, but oh it’s so difficult to be with a human being who is so fatally different from you!
So many couples choose separation because of various reasons. The dumping one may get hurt too. They may want to end the relationship but may not have the courage to say, or they may feel sorry for another one and the talk gets delayed and delayed until it’s too late.
Both sides get hurt and both sides fall into an abyss of sadness and despair.

Yet, you break up. And the most beautiful part comes just after everything is settled and agreed upon. You may never see your already “ex”-partner. A couple who broke up without drama is the most fragile and beautiful thing. They won’t get into a fight over some trivial matter, they won’t argue, they will forget the bad memories and remember the happy thoughts.

Come to think of it, it’s a huge irony. You don’t realize how much a person means to you until you lose that person. The value that person has, the meaning and how much that person occupies your heart often go unnoticed because you get used to having that person constantly in your life. Essentially, we don’t like changes. We don’t like when something we so got used to, disappears. We want something and especially, our loved ones, to be there by us, all the time. (Not that it’s bad, it’s actually very natural to feel that way) And we say “love is blind”, and yes, love is blind in terms that you don’t see the importance of someone in our life. So when you face the reality that your partner is leaving your life, you realize what that person meant to you. And you only see the good in your partner rather than all the smashed dishes and fights and nasty names thrown at you. Now, you two, are just strangers. Just like when you met each other for the first time.

Last hug, last kiss, last good-bye, the smell of their clothes, all those stupid texts that were so annoying sometimes, mid-night calls…everything will be gone.

So, you love the most when you break up. And you both are beautiful the most when you break up. If you are having doubts about your current relationship, try imagining how you may feel after the breakup.

Love and be loved, Millennials


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