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What the hell is that? You may say.

Non-monogamy: is a type of relationship/lifestyle that is not like the traditional monogamous relationship where there is 1 wife and 1 husband. Based on an agreement of all the parties involved, it includes monogamous and multiple sexual and romantic  relationships.
Monogamy is where there are only 2 people are involved. Non-monogamy is everything else. Let’s look at different ideas in depth.

Polyamory: this means multiple relationships (do not have to be married). Having multiple lovers at the same time. It doesn’t relate to any religion and doesn’t consider the gender orientation either.

Polygamy: this means marriages involving more than 2 partners. The difference from polyamory is that polygamous relationship refers to married people. One person may be in a marriage to more than 1 other person and that will be polygamous relationship. It doesn’t contain any religious meanings as polyamory and the gender orientation doesn’t matter either.
There is an interesting documentary on YouTube about polygamy, check it out from here.

Polygyny: this means marriages involving multiple female partners. This usually applies when a Muslim or Mormon person marries multiple women. Obviously this word has a somewhat religious meaning put into it and generally contains a meaning of “a man with multiple wives”.

Polyandry: this also means marriages involving multiple male partners.


Demerits of Polyamory

Simply, I would have a concern of being infected with STD. And there is also, never-ending jealousy problems. What if one  woman among others gets pregnant? What if anyone in that relationship gets pregnant? Who’s going to take care of that child? And doesn’t that affect badly the mental health of the child?

None. Occasionally fun maybe.

Other useful words are…

Polyfidelity: this means you only have sexual relationship within one group.
E.g., there is a group called No.1. People within that group can have sexual relationship with whomever they want, but cannot have sexual relationships with people who don’t belong to the group No.1

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