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Before shifting into an organic-type clothing, let’s get to know what Organic Cotton (OC) is and how it’s different from the usual cotton. 


So what is Organic Cotton?

Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment. Organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

Non-organic Cotton is called Conventional Cotton. It is the cotton that is usually used in all the cotton goods and that shares 99% in the market.

Certification and Global Standards

Certification for OC is very strict. Usually, the certification is for the process of how OC is grown and not for how much pesticides remains in the end product. GOTS is the global standard for the certification for OC. There is another certification given by the American NGO named Textile Exchange (TE).

The Difference Between OC and the Conventional Cotton

Is OC much different from the Conventional Cotton? Actually, they are NOT that different concerning the pesticide residues (Surprise!). For some reason, I thought that the materials made from OC are much better for the environment than the materials made from the Conventional Cotton. Again, the important point on OC is in its process of growing and the effect to the soil rather than the quality of the OC.

Why It Is Important to Go Organic

Because growing OC has a less bad effect on the environment. The OC plays an important role in pursuing a sustainable society. Also, the fair trade of OC supports farmers. This is why going organic is important.
The production of OC is only c.1% in the entire cotton production market. Now we know why the clothes made from OC are so expensive. They are rare.

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