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You can find much information on the Internet on what kind of basic fashion pieces you should have in your wardrobe. Here, I summarized what I think is the “basic”. After all, you should not have gazillion pieces as “basic clothes” items, thus having ONLY what is mentioned here, is not enough. These basic pieces are for every season.

  1. Plain white tee and plain black tee. I don’t suggest grey because sweat.


This is essential in your wardrobe. Why they are so important? Because they are simple and so useful for different occasions! You can’t miss with plain tees. A white tee gives you a fresh look. A black tee will give you a posh, smart and sophisticated look. They can be used for business if you wear them with jackets, they, of course, can be worn very casually with jeans, they suit anything and everything at any time.

  1. Skinny denim and boyfriend denim.


I suggest to have 1 pair each, with pockets and made from a good material. (Not some cheap, thin denim-like, fake material) If the difference between hip and waist is too large, then buy a belt. Do the hems fit the length of your legs? Unlike tee shirts, denim can’t be re-purchased that often, so, I allow you to invest in a good pair of jeans. Good jeans will last you long. Why skinny and why boyfriend? Because it’s all about balance. Sometimes you may feel like 90s gal, all baggy and saggy, then at times, you may feel like 2009, skinny and sexy. That’s why you have to have two opposite fit jeans.

3. White Shirt


I have very complex feelings towards a white plain shirt because I just hate it. The shape, how it fits the body, the mediocre conservative look with the first button opened up…everything about a white shirt maddens me.
If you are not an office worker, I suggest you have one, good, tailor-fit shirt in your wardrobe for a rare business occasion and be done with it. You can get a good shirt literally anywhere, so go ahead and get one that fits you perfectly.

  1. Black Tailored Jacket


This is also not related to me simply because I do not wear it. I understand there maybe sometimes business meetings of a sort, where you have to be nice and sleek. Here I suggest you buy a tailored jacket that you can use both on business and privately. Tailored jacket has to be made of a good material, fits your body shape, plain and simple, and it should have pockets. If your jacket does not have pockets, please go ahead and burn it now.

  1. Trousers (Pants)


Eventually, you’ll get tired of wearing denim. So, have one favorite pair of trousers in your wardrobe. Those that you can wear when traveling, which means they have to be more or less made of a thick material. (I had an embarrassing experience when my leggings ripped exactly in between my legs while I was riding a bike. No joke!) No excessive prints, colors, embellishments or such. Plain! Simple!

  1. Dresses and Skirts


For women, choosing a skirt is trouble because there are so many of them! Not the women;  the skirts! The basic skirt has to be the one that suits you, with little or no embellishments, and a dark color. Pencil skirts that go beyond your knee, do not fit you if you are smaller than 160cm, so please forget about these. Dresses also should be chosen like skirts. Important, common factor to both, is choose ones that are not see-through! Skirts and dresses must not be transparent unless you prefer them that way.

As for the dresses for formal occasions, you may Google what kind of dresses are accepted and go and get one once you are invited to an event. After that, I do not think it’s necessary to buy a different dress for a different event.

  1. Turtle-necks


I was thinking whether I should add this to the all-time basics; after all, we wear turtlenecks in autumn/winter season? But later I thought that in the spring we still wear long sleeves and warm clothes so I decided to add it. Turtleneck has to be made of a soft material that does not make you itchy. Also, some brands make turtlenecks with long torsos. I think that’s too much because it gives an impression that you have an endless belly. It should cover your tummy, but should not hang around your waist or be layered in multiple layers of material.

So, here I covered just the basics of the basics. I repeat myself again, this is not enough. You may add seasonal basics and your favorite pieces into your wardrobe to make it complete.

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