【Trendy】Basic Fashion Pieces for Spring/Summer【Tuesday】

In this article, I’d like to tell you what are the basic fashion pieces to have in your wardrobe for the spring and summer season.

  1. Denim Jacket

When the season is transitioning from winter into spring, usually it can be a bit chilly to walk outside only in a T-shirt or in a thin long-sleeve. You might want to have a nice denim jacket which is not too big or too small, has pockets, is not loud with prints and colors.  Every few years, you may want to replace it with a new one, but that should not happen often because denim is relatively a heavy and thick material and can stay in your wardrobe without being damaged for a long time. In fact, you can even enjoy the damaged denim look if you replaced the old jacket with a new one.

  1. Zip-Up Hoodies with Pockets

Never forget pockets. It’s important and it makes a huge difference when you’re on a rush or traveling. If the denim jacket is big enough to let you wear the hoodie inside, that’s awesome. The reason I recommend this is because a zip-up hoodie is very convenient. It keeps you warm, you can casually throw it on and get going…One or two are enough and can be purchased in almost every store that sells clothes.

  1. Swimsuit

I admit this came out of the blue, but I just want to state to all the people who are buying swimsuits, PLEASE GET ONE THAT FITS YOUR BODY!

Don’t buy the one that will make your boobs look bigger or that will make your everything look bigger. And I want to say this loud and clear that a white swimsuit will make you look FAT unless you’re skinny. Now your color. If you are a girl, go shopping with a friend who can give you an honest opinion. As for the basics, I think you can have one or two swimsuits and then replace them every season. If the swimsuit is too revealing or the straps are too thin, then you will not enjoy yourself in the sea but will be always worried about the straps. Now, there are swimsuits that comes with a little skirt. It will make your legs look short, so that’s a no-no. When buying a separate top, please try it on and see how it looks on and fits your body.

  1. Shorts

Yes, you can find an unlimited number of shorts on the market, but what I want to say is one thing: Choose wisely, especially if you’re 25yo and older. I, myself, gradually got to hate them, especially when they were worn with a cropped top (gives off those Coachella type, typical hippie, happy-go-lucky vibes, and no class)

However, during the summer season, you won’t be wearing only denim or leggings so, why not buy a very basic one that’s not loud with prints and play around with it coordinating with other trends of the season. If the shorts are way too short, and the pockets are sticking out of the bottom, then you’re trashy. Yes, you are. That trend is all gone. Don’t buy shorts without pockets because that’s inconvenient as hell. (Exception to yoga pants and other training pants)

  1. Tops

Camisoles, T-shirts (Logo shirt, plain shirt, graphic shirt, long shirt), basic long sleeve, tank top are the basic that I would want in my wardrobe. All in plain design, made from a natural material (no polyester or nylon or some other weird material that the fashion industry is trying to promote).

Since you go out a lot during the spring summer season, I suggest you have a few different kinds of basic tops and just rotate them routinely.

How to make an all-season basic wardrobe 

Basic Accessories and Shoes (coming soon)

Have a Sunny Day, Millennials.


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