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Gosh, I need to stop buying clothes at fast fashion brands, don’t I?

But it’s always easier said than done. I’m trying to shift to more ethical brands, and here I thought why not I introduce some of them in the article.

All the brands are ethical, their products ecologically friendly and they are trying to maintain a good labor environment.

Based in LA, founded in 2005,  this brand donates part of its sales into an NGO Millennium Promises, which aims to eliminate poverty from Africa by 2025. Since its founding, this brand has carried out various campaigns, donations, and charities. Clothes and accessories are rather simple.
A Japanese brand that sells products made by the Indian craftsmen. All of the items have beautiful patterns on them.
This is a very famous sports brand which I have heard of as well, but never thought it was so environmentally conscious. If you read the mission statement of this brand, you’ll notice how much they care about the environment.
This brand sells products made with organic cotton. I’d love to buy PJs and undies from them! All products are made in Japan and are dye-free. If you want to know more about organic cotton, click here.
This Brand is focused on supporting the Tibetan ethnic group by selling the products using special fibers that keep the warm very well. Their products retain warmness as good as cashmere but the breathability is better than cashmere by 1.3 times. They help to increase the income and secure the employment for the Tibetan ethnic group.
They actually have nice soaps. Products are made from organic materials and some of the profit is donated to charity. In addition to their simple clothing line, they also have a wedding dress clothing line.
is the name of the orphanage in Thailand for the children who got infected with HIV from their mothers. They sell beautiful accessories and clothing pieces.
Probably the most famous ethical brand of all mostly focusing on fair trade. They have seasonal sales and a larger amount of clothes compared to smaller brands, which makes it easier for consumers to choose from.


Krochet Kids International


A sustainable brand that is making an impact in Peru and Uganda. Donation available on the official website. You can know who made your product by accessing Meet the Makers


Making high-quality leather shoes in Peru and supporting the local labor. Let’s put aside the argument of whether the leather products are sustainable or not. Their shoes are high-quality handmade shoes. At the moment the shoes are sold only within the United States. Accessories and bags available.


A sustainable brand selling t-shirts from organic cotton, and leather bags. Read more on our exclusive interview from the CEO of Hope Made In the World.


A Canadian brand making products from bamboos and other sustainable materials.

tribe alive

This brand made by women for women focuses on female empowerment. A fair trade, fairer labor environment for female. The design is adorable and minimal.

Thought Clothing

An Australian brand with 20+ years of history in the industry produces clothing from organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp.

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