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A lot of ideas and thoughts exist there out in the society. In this article, we will focus on the New Age Movement (NAM), which seems like the dominant movement in the late 2010s. 

New Age, according to various documents became prominent in the 1900s. It’s a spiritual movement, whose name became popular during the 1930s -1960s. We have an article about one of the New Age Movements, the Zeitgeist movement.


New Age Movement put emphasis on the stability of our soul/mind rather than putting on values on material things, connecting with the higher being and with an advanced multi-dimensional world. In short, NAM is supernatural, occult-ish and subcultural.

Some of the well-known ideologies that are included in the New Age Movement are mysticism (the idea that a human being can directly experience God), meditations, Yoga, mental training and mentorships,  necromancy, mindfulness, everything astrological, self-help and so on. I can’t list every ideology and thoughts of the New Age Movement, but we can see that it’s “broad and shallow” rather than “narrow and deep” and usually tends to focus on (uniting with the) things that we can’t see.


The recent, almost fanatic trend on spiritualism, mindfulness, and meditation that seems to have become prominent in the 2010s is based on the New Age Movement (NAM). Usually, people who follow those kinds of activities do not like those activities to be referred to as New Age. Most of the people are peaceful, are trying to reach the higher state with other like-minded people. And a lot of the spiritual movements even don’t have leaders or founders. (Except some cults) It is, in a way, similar to religion.
Initially, NAM was very popular among the youth during the Counter Culture period in the 1960s. If there were a time machine, I’d absolutely love to go to the 60s just to experience the energy of the hippie generation.

In the long run, if an organization appoints someone as a leader, it will lead to a “culti-zation” of it.

I personally think that being broad and shallow helps people connect with whatever they are connecting on a more personal level. I also believe that since meditation was able to find its place in our modern world, astral experience or some other spiritual activities may as well find their place in the global trend in the future.

In my opinion, and this is sorta off topic, but the reason we can pursue our journey to achieving the higher state of awakening is that we have the time and capacity to do that. And by that, I mean that we do not have to survive to live and we have the surplus time that we can use for this kind of activities. It’s interesting that NAM is denying the materialism but can only exist because of it.

On a broader scale, religion is also a kind of a NAM. It’s like they often say “There is a fine line between a genius and a madman.” There is a fine line between what’s religion, and what’s NAM.
From the Christian point of view, the NAM is evil. The bible says that the NAM is the idea that the devil is trying to advocate in place of Christianity. Indeed, the NAM includes concepts of astrology which are evil in the Christianity, the unification of humans with higher beings, the apotheosis of humans and blah.  All of them are considered heretic in the Christianity.

As I stated above, most of the spiritual movements are peaceful. They promote awakening, enlightenment, achievement of mindfulness and definitely not fighting or war. So, there is nothing really to fear when it comes to spirituality unless they are promoting group suicide or something illegal and dangerous.
In fact, meditations can be helpful in a sense that they strengthen concentration, help a person be more focused on tasks and overall can help relax the body and mind by having multiple deep breaths. I meditate for a short time every day, and I have to admit it’s the most personal, relaxing time for my mind. It helps me calm down and focus on the essential good thoughts as well as being in a relaxed state that I quite can’t describe.
Depending on the definitions, veganism may also be included in the NAM.

Finally, is the NAM dangerous? Anyone can have an opinion no matter how extreme it may be. You can be a fundamentalist, or an extremist and no one has the right to stop you from having those thoughts. HOWEVER, a critical matter here is: You can’t hurt people or influence other people with your extremism. If your thoughts start affecting your daily life, that’s a yellow card. If your extremity urges you to solicitation, persuasion, menace or extortion – then that’s a big, fat NO. You can have faith in whatever you feel comfortable having faith in, but don’t forget to be sane. In my humble opinion, faith should be completed by yourself and not within a group or an organization. Don’t make faith into a mean of approval from other people.

If you meditate, or if you had any spiritual experiences in your life, leave down a comment.

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