【Witty】The (Horrible) Amazing Pastafarianism 【Wednesday】

Case X: A man went to renew his driver’s license.

He had a headpiece on and was told to take it off. Then he asked why he must take off his headpiece when Muslim people are allowed to renew their license with Hijab on.
Then, later on, he went on and stated that his headpiece is for religious reasons and thus he wanted to be taken a photo with the headpiece on. So he got his picture taken with a….
sieve on his head…..
This story is not a joke, it’s a true story happened in Russia. If you google him, you’ll get his actual picture. In Arizona, another man got his picture taken for his ID with a sieve on his head.
When I first heard of this story, I laughed it off. Really hard. And these two stories, lead us to today’s topic of Pastafarianism.
Flying Spaghetti Monster-ism (FSM-ism), or Pastafarianism, is a social movement that promotes a light-hearted view of religion and opposes the teaching of intelligent design and creationism in public schools.
Official website of FSMism is here. Try and read what they have to say about their religion, it’s hilarious. You can also find hatemails that are just priceless.
In the end, this is all a major joke. That somehow grew to a non-joke in the Netherlands where Pastafarianism is officially acknowledged as a religion. The reason they oppose the intelligent design theory is that they state “there is a need to tell people that the Spaghetti Monster created the humanity.”
The webpage is indeed very humorous: it shows a letter to President Trump, it shows global warming and the increase of number in pirates in the same graph and does not require any conditions to be a member.
I believe this religion will dominate the world. Soon. Maybe.
PS: in August 2017, this organization lost a case in Germany, and the story is hilarious. Read here.

Have a faithful day, Millennials.


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