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Dark Web is a network hidden beneath the surface web aka deep web, invisible web.

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It is estimated that we only see c.1-10% of the entire web when we use Internet. This web is called Surface Web. The rest of 90% which is hidden beneath is called the Deep web. And the Dark Web which is the topic of this article exists within this Deep Web. Deep web includes websites like our email accounts or privatized webpages which we do not want other people to see. Within that Deep Web, exists Dark Web. Deep Web > Dark Web.


The name is scary but what it represents is scary too. Dark Web consist of the webpages that usually cannot be detected on the normal world wide web surface Internet. Dark web cannot be accessed by merely inputting the URL of the website. In the Deep Web people can conduct illegal transactions and purchases of drugs, fake IDs, guns & firearms, child pornography, human trafficking, seeking hit-mans, and is basically the hotbed of crime. You can find every possible illegal transaction, goods and services there in the Dark Web. Most of the transactions are done using Bitcoins.
Typical websites were “Silk Road”, “AlphaBay”, and “HANSA market”. All of these websites are now shut down and their owners arrested. Honestly though, it’s a cat-and-mouse game. Even if the authorities shut down the website, users would find or make another website immediately. In fact, when Silk Road was shut down, Silk Road 2.0 was opened just after a month of the shut down of Silk Road. (Then Silk Road 2.0 was shut down, owner arrested and Silk Road 3.0 was made)

Needless to say, Dark Web is being watched by the authoritative organizations from various countries so I do not suggest accessing the Dark Web out of sheer curiosity. There are few websites that are legal but made for unknown reasons. Those could be grotesque images or nerve-wrecking posts of something incomprehensible.

The main point that differentiates the usual URL and Dark Web URL is the domain used in Dark Web. In Dark Web URLs, “.com” or “.net” will not appear, and the website with a domain used for accessing the Dark Web will not show up on eg. Google, Yahoo!, Bing etc.  Dark Web websites have special domains because of the special Internet browser used to access Deep Web.
Is it open and accessible to us? Yes, it is. But! You have to have a special browser. (Which I am not going to name here, but if you’re a curious cat, go ahead and google it). Just remember before accessing, that if you are trying to dig into a deep web, it means that they would judge you have something to hide or something illegal in your mind. You may find PC viruses or malware there in addition to all of the dangerous websites. Below I will briefly explain  how you can access the Dark Web, but will not show you how for obvious reasons. (Do it on your own responsibility)

So the major way to access the Dark Web is as mentioned above, by using the specific browser. You can download it online, and then you’ll be able to connect to the Deep Web anonymously. From there you can surf through the Deep Web by accessing the URLs that are active only within that browser.

Although I warned you and scared you with this, being a curious cat myself, I tried using the browser on my iPhone. (As far as using the browser, it is not illegal) I tried accessing the URL that I cannot access using the public carrier network. The URL is on surface web and NOT in Deep web, I just couldn’t access it through my carrier in the 4G environment. I downloaded the app, connected to the network, inputted the URL and Voila! I was there accessing the website anonymously without any problems. Thus, the point of this experiment is that it may be useful when you are abroad or in some places where you cannot access the Internet usual way, this browser can be useful.

Not everything on Google or Yahoo! Is “right”. We all know that Google and other search engines all filter what they want to show to us and here I ask: Is that legal?  Is that morally correct? Is that politically correct?
Deep Web is used by activists who want to be hidden and not found by the government or the authorities, and also used by refugees. Deep web is also used by terrorists. The system is never bad, what’s bad is: people

Be safe, Millennials.


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